Don’t forget the snooker tables!

Snooker Table

An example of a snooker table

When most people come to us looking for games tables the first thing we get asked for is a pool table, and understandably so because although snooker gets the limelight on tv with the main tournaments and so forth, pool is what most people are more likely to have played, given that any pub worth its salt has at least one pool table on hand.

Still snooker is still en extremly popular game, and here at Liberty Games we have a dedicated snooker table section of our website listing tables from the small home folding pool tables (such as Oakdale 6ft Folding Snooker Table – £175 – seen to your right) to the somewhat more expensive Renaissance 12ft Slate Bed Snooker Table – £3935 – and everywhere in between!

Of course you can still get the cool pool table you’ve always wanted and simply add a set of snooker balls, such as the ever popular SupaPro Snooker Balls to enable you to play snooker on your pool table!

Whatever you are looking to get out of you games table, simply speak to one of our games table specialists on 0800 612 8180 and they’ll be able to find the product which it right for you!

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