Outdoor Pool Table? – Well It Is Summer (Finally!)

Some example of our range of outdoor pool tablesSo summer looks like it has finally made it to the UK, and if we can say – about time! We were seriously considering getting involved in the umbrella business there. But luckily we can put those brolly designs to one side and start enjoying the great British outdoors!

And what better way to enjoy your garden or outdoor area than a game of pool! A pool table outdoors might seem like something that is a lot of hassle and quite expensive, but trust us, it’s not! We do them all the time :-)

Depending on the space you have and your budget there are several ways to get yourself an outdoor pool table:

  • Many of our range of MDF home pool tables are built with portability in mind – especially the folding models – which means all you have to do is quickly move them outside and you’ve got yourself an instant outdoor recreation area! Just remember that these tables are built to be stored in a dry place, so bring them in over night and if it starts raining otherwise your table could become damaged.
  • Our superb Strikeworth Multigame table is actually surprisingly easy to move around (but still amazing stable – what a star!). So long as you have a pathway through your house that is big enough to get the table outside this table works as well outdoors as it does inside! (again please remember this table was designed to be stored in the dry so the same rules apply). The bonus with the Strikeworth is you get 3 games in 1 – pool, air hockey and table tennis! The Strikeworth also features independent leg levelers so that uneven grass in the garden should be no problem.
  • We also sell a dedicated range of outdoor pool tables – these are tables which have been specially designed for use outdoors. This means they have been made with weatherproof materials as well as waterproof cloth. This tables were built to survive outside, and also have a slate bed playing surface for that ultimate pub pool experience!

So there we have it, an outdoor pool table for every budget! There’s no excuse for not grabbing a few rays and a bit of fresh air.

Pool not your thing? Don’t worry we’ve got plenty of awesome outdoor fooball tables, and outdoor table tennis tables. Oh an a whole entire range of outdoor games (garden games, sports games, play centres, swing sets and kites)!

Have any questions about our outdoor pool tables or any of our other range of outdoor products please give one of our outdoor games specialists a call free on 0800 612 8180.


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