Pick Your Pucks! Which Air Hockey Puck is Right For You ?

If you own an air hockey table, or are thinking of buying one, then hopefully (or if you buy from Liberty Games then definitely!) you’ll have received some pucks and pushers with the table.

But is that the end of the story? Well if it was then this would be a pretty short blog post!

At Liberty Games along with our impressive range of pool accessories, table football accessories and pretty much everything else games room accessory related we also stock what we believe is the UK’s largest range of air hockey accessories – we’re talking pucks and pushers!

For those of you new to air hockey a pusher (sometimes called a mallet) is what you hold in your hand, and the puck is what you hit with the pusher and which with a bit of luck is what will go into the goal at the other end.

Today we are going to look at some of the air hockey pucks we sell here at Liberty Games. Perhaps you’ve managed to loose your current pucks, maybe you’ve got a couple of chips in the puck (which can affect it’s ability to hold a cushion of air and hence travel properly on the table) or maybe you are after something a little different to play with! Either way we are here to help…

The Red Puck
This red pusher is a workhorse of the air hockey industry and comes in a couple of sizes – one for 6ft tables and one for 7ft tables – don’t worry these don’t have to be exact sizes, but are more of a guide. Why different pucks for different tables? Smaller tables generally have less overall air flow passing through them (as they are smaller) so are unable to hold up pucks designed for bigger tables.6ft Model – Click Here7ft Model – Click Here
The ‘Twister’ Air Hockey Puck
The twister is a commercial standard air hockey puck which just so happens to look really cool at the same time!With a dual layer recess this puck floats like a gem as well, oh and it’s available in two colours!Orange – click here

White – click here

The Twister Low Noise Puck
Some people really like the click-clack sound of air hockey being played, it sounds like an arcade! Some people, well some people don’t. If you fall into the second camp then the twister low noise puck is here to help!How is it lower noise? It’s made of a softer material than most pucks so it doesn’t make as much noise on contact – simple but very effective!

So there we have it – three of our most popular air hockey pucks!

Don’t forget if you have any questions at all about which puck is right for your table, or anything else air hockey related don’t hesitate to give one of our full trained air hockey specialists a call free on 0800 612 8180.

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