Tip of the Day : Don’t Forget To Hold The Chalk!

Here’s a quick tip for those of you with pool tables – i’m sure it’s happened to you, it’s certainly happened to me – chalk, that cube of powder that you twisle on your cue as you contemplate your next move – where do you keep it ?

It’s so small, yet there doesn’t really seem to be anywhere good to keep it!

There are a few choices, on the side of the table – but then it always seems to get in the way of a shot!

In the ball return – but then it’s always a pain to find!

Or on a random shelf somewhere in your room, but then again you have to find it, and you also have to have shelves! A pain for all the minimalists out there…

But don’t worry for just £4.49 all your chalk-related worries can be over for ever! A great relief i’m sure. Ok so it’s not the biggest problem ever faced by mankind, but then again it is important to take care of the little things!

Our rubber chalk holder keeps the chalk snugly inside, whilst still being easy to change when needed, and the string allows it to be tied to anywhere you see fit, normally a pool table or a scoreboard.

So there we have it! problem solved!

As always if there are any other ‘little things’ regarding your pool table or any other games room equipment that Liberty Games can help solve, just give on of our specialist advisers a call free on 0800 612 8180.

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