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New options on our Pool Tables

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Here at Liberty Games we never want to stop innovating, and we always like to be first to bring you the latest Internet shopping features and the widest range of product and options possible.

With that aim in mind our web development team have been working hard on our pool table section to make it easier then ever to select a table that’s unique to you, by providing an easy interface to our widest ever range of pool table options.

First up you will notice that the way the products are displayed in the pool tables departments has changed slightly. Where there are now multiple options you can see a list of the most popular options on the section lists before you click into the products:

Pool Table Options - Section Listing

You can then select the product you like the look of, and using our one-of-a-kind service you can dynamically update the look of the pool table based on the options you choose. You won’t find this anywhere else on the web! For example the Slimline slate bed pool table you might want to see it in oak finish and with a red cloth:

Or maybe with a white finish and a blue cloth:

Using our new service you really can see exactly what your new table will look like!

Not only that but we now offer greater control and flexibility over other areas of your order, such as the bundled pool balls:

And don’t forget that we’ve also included comprehensive help and advice on each of the options. If you need an explanation of what the option is, then hover your mouse over the ? icon:

And if you would like to see an image of the option you have selected, hover you mouse over the photograph image (please note we are still working hard to get images for all options):

We are really excited about the control our valued customers can now have over what is after all a large purchase and an important part of any games room. We’ll be working to roll out these features across our range of great games room equipment. Please note that our games table customization service is available on nearly the entire range of our products, if you are interested in customising your product further please call one of our experts on 0800 612 8180.

If you have any feedback on our new listing style, or would like to see any features in particular please use our contact form.

Wow… Street Fighter vs Tekken!

Monday, July 26th, 2010
Evolution Arcade Cabinet showing Street Fighter

The Evo Multi Game PS3 Compatible Arcade Cabinet

Here’s some news that many people thought would never come, Namco and Capcom’s two classic fighters are coming together for the first time in Street Fighter x Tekken.

Well wow… here at Liberty Games we’re massive fans of pretty much ever incarnation of the Street Fighter and Tekken series, and although its just an announcement and not a finished product (hit up youtube for some teasers), we really can’t wait to pit the likes of Ryu vs Law, Ken vs Gin, well the possibilities are endless.

SF x Tekken has been announced for the PS3 and Xbox, meaning that even more salivating than the prospect of the game itself, is playing it though the PS3 compatialbe Evo Multi-Game Arcade Cabinet! This great cabinet allows you to connect your PS3 to its HD screen and arcade quality joysticks and buttons for what is likely to be an extremly exclusive go on this cool looking game on a real arcade!

Trust me when I say the latest PS3 incarnations of the SF series play extremly well on these cabinets and SF x Tekken on the Evo should be pure gaming nirvana itself.

If you’d like to get yourself ready for one of the biggest crossover game launches of all time, why not speak to one of our arcade machine specialists on 0800 612 8180 who’ll be able to help talk you though even more of the Evo’s great features, or help you choose the arcade cabinet that is right for you.

Drive In Style : The Liberty Multi Drive Simulator

Friday, July 23rd, 2010
driving simulator arcade

Liberty MultiDrive RS Driving Simulator

One of our product that we get the most compliments on when people come to see us in our games room showroom, is the stunning Liberty MultiDrive RS Driving Simulator.

And you can see why, this awesome piece ok kit puts you firmly in the action with a high-definition flat screen sitting just where the windscreen would be, and with Logitech G27 force-feedback controls that really pull you around!Not only that a full engine-like rumbler surround sound system is placed around you so you really feel like you’re behind the wheel.

These machines are PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 compatible, and run with any games that are compatible with the G27 (or XBOX wheel), which is most good driving games these days, including the awesome gran turismo series. Not only that but here at Liberty Games we’ve customised a number of these cool machines for promotional and events uses, including big names like Mercedes.

If you’re a real driving game fan then there really is no substitute for the total immersion experience that only the multidrive can offer.

Click up the link at the top for a video showing off the multi drive in all her glory!

Arcade Focus : Galaxy Multi Game Retro Cocktail

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
retro arcade machine

Galaxy Multi Game Black Finish Cocktail Table Arcade Machine

In today’s arcade focus I though i’d bring in one of my very favourite retro gaming machines of all time, the funky and cool Galaxy Multi Game!

Some games really are timeless and thats what the galaxy brings to the table (if you’ll excuse the pun!), featuring 60 of the 1980’s very best arcade coin-swallowers all in one great looking cabinet the galaxy is every former arcade punters dream come true! With classics from Atari, Capcom, Konami, Midway, Namco, Taito and many many more the galaxy takes it from the top with classics such as space invaders and arkanoid, through galaxian and the legendary 1942 and 1943 + lots lots more!

If you’ve a favourite arcade classic from your youth then the chances are the game is on this machine.

Not only that but the galaxy comes complete with a coin mechanism, making it not only a great home piggy-bank, but along with its commercial quality joysticks and build quality, make it an ideal money earner for all sorts of commercial establishments. You can set the price of play and not only have the draw of a great retro gaming experience but also let the machine earn you money!

These machines are hugely popular, and when you look at all the games and the build quality you can really see why. Hit up the link at the top of the page to see a video of the galaxy in action.

Complete your pool table install with some lighting

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
Pool Table Lights

3 Shade Brass Lighting Bar & 3 Shades

Here at Liberty Games we sell games room equipment to all sorts of customers from studens wanting a budget table to install in their house, to families looking for something to entertain the kids and let the adults train their skills, right through to people building their games room experience.

If you are in the last bracket then Liberty Games – the games room specialists – can help you achieve your dream. We’ve worked with thousands of individuals and families to create the perfect games room that is right for them. Quite often this will involve a pool table of some description, but one way we’ve found to compliment the table and really create the full games room mood, is with pool table lighting.

We’ve a wide range of type and styles of lights, from our simple brass lamp set with 2 shades (from £119), through to our professiona iris pool table lamp shades. These lights sets can give the games room a real professional feel, and for the money really enhance the experience. They do need to be installed by qualified electrician (well they do run on the mains!) but Liberty Games are more than happy to help you find someone capable and qualified to do the job.

So if you are looking to take the next step in creating you games room experience, give us a call on 0800 612 8180 and speak to one of our games room advisors who’ll be able to help you on your journey!

Customised Arcade Machine for o2

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
customised arcade machine

A ‘Backstage Invaders’ Arcade Machines, Programmed and built for the o2 acadamies

Whilst going through some photos on my computer I found this one of a bespoke arcade machine project we did in conjunction with o2 academies, and thought i’d share it with you.

o2 were looking for something quite special to help in their re-branding of the old Carling academies, and contacted Liberty Games for us to create some music themed arcade machines to put in them! We were able to help but not only retrofitting our ever-popular Galaxy MultiGame Arcade machines to look the part, with bespoke artwork, but our team were also able to create two bespoke games to go inside the cabinets.

‘Rapman’ and ‘Backstage Invaders’ were written by our in-house team to be modern music-related takes on the classic pacman and space invaders games, allowing visitors to the o2 academies to play some cool retro games that were related to the environment they were in.

Liberty Games were able to put our unique arcade production line into overdrive and deliver well over 20 of these great machines to every o2 academy in the country, supporting them throughout their life (well you would expect a pint or two to get spilled in them once in a while!).

If you think this is something that would be of interest to you or your organisation then why not head on over to our corporate branding page for some more inspiration, or speak to one of our specialist advisors on 0800 612 8180. Don’t forget here at Liberty Games if it’s game related and you can imagine it we can create it for you!

Robots Playing Table Tennis ? – Austrian accent in the works

Friday, July 2nd, 2010
table tennis robot

The Butterfly Amicus 3000+ Table Tennis Robot

Ok there are a variety of reasons you might want to play table tennis against a robot, either your friends are all really bad players, you’re preparing for a Terminator style judgement day and think that the battle for humanity will be fought by the ancient art of table tennis and want to get some practice in early, or more likely your in training to become a table tennis pro and need the fast paced action only a robot can provide.

That’s what these robots are all about, you can set them to fire balls at you, alternating with angles, between forehand and backhand, changing speed, spin and distance. Basically everything you’d want out of a real training partner, except your partner sucks. Well don’t worry the Butterfly Amucis 3000 doesn’t complain, doesn’t get tired and does what you tell it every time (future robot uprisings aside).

And for those of you who want to spend their time pracicing and not picking up balls, the Amicus will recycle all balls that are caught in its net allowing for continuous play, you could say they’ll “be back”. With speeds of up to 100 balls a minute, if you are returning all of them you may have to ask yourself if you are not at least a cyborg yourself.

All in all for the serious player these robots are a great training accessory and whether you are an individual player or you run a table tennis club, these machines make a great investment in your future.

As always an table tennis related queries can be directed at our 100% human staff on 0800 612 8180.

Here’s a quick video of what you can expect: