Breaking Badly – The Worst Pool Breaks Ever!

You don’t have to be a Walter White to break bad – here at Liberty Games we think that having your own pool table at home can help you practice your game – but there are some people that even we might not be able to help. We’ve trawled the internet in search of some of the very worst pool breaks ever, and we present them here for your amusement.

1. Missing the point

This poor chap doesn’t even technically get the chance to have a bad break, as to do that you actually have to hit the balls. His awesome lack of skills manage to guide the cue ball around the triangle of balls straight towards the pocket. The only saving grace is that the white ball doesn’t go down the pocket itself, although it would almost be better if it did – gotta be good at something, even if it’s being bad at pool.

2. All over before it begins

If you are looking for a textbook bad break, then it’s all right here. Despite what looks like a decent strike, the gods of luck are not looking down favorably on this young man as the balls go scattering round the table, with first the cue ball then the 8-ball going down opposite pockets. Game over buddy, winner stays on.

3. Maybe he’s just hustling you…

Sometimes you just have to wonder if someone is just trying to hustle you – this chap not only pretty much misses the cue ball first time (quite an achievement) but then proceeds to screw the break up completely twice more, maybe it’s then when it’s time to put a bet on…

4. Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into

A trip back in time for this one, to show that bad breaks have been happening for years, here’s a black & white bumbling bounce back that manages to miss the balls and roll back to the pocket.

5. Hole in one

Despite this footage looking like it has been sent back from a NASA space probe, the gentleman in question clearly seems to be playing the wrong game – it’s golf he was thinking of, so I suppose he’s done well.

So there we have it – the baddest breaks the internet has to offer – still we must thank these guys for sharing their efforts online, and don’t forget practice makes perfect!

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