Look the part with a Pool & Snooker Cue Case!

Ok so maybe you were lucky enough to receive a cool new pool table cue from Santa for Christmas, or maybe you’ve just received one of our great free cues with your table. What’s next ? How about a cue case from our new range of practical and above all stylish pool and snooker cue cases ?

With cases for both one-piece and two-piece cues we’re bound to have something to give your cue the protection and looks it deserves from its journey in your home to your friends house or your local pool / snooker club for you to show off your skills!

Plus lets face it cues aren’t the easiest thing to carry around, and at a stretch could leave you with a spot of explaining to do to the local constabulary if you’re seen walking down the road with one! Our cases not only protect the cues from any damage from the elements but many also provide carrying straps so you’re hands are once again yours.

We also have some high end Leather carrying cases for those of you who really need to show off!

So why not head over to our pool & snooker cue cases section and take a look at our great range, as always if you need any further advice please give one of our fully trained pool & snooker accessories advisers a call on 0800 612 8180.

Sections featured in this blog post:

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