Pool Table Care Tip : Save a re-cloth – use a plaster!

We’ve all been there, you have your friends round to play on your cool new pool table, a few beers are involved then as one of your pals demonstrates their awesome cueing prowess, they tear your cloth. Thanks a lot!

There are several options open to you: leave the tear there, play around it and leave it as a monument to not inviting drunken friends round or shell out for a full re-cloth.

What if it’s only a minor tear or you just don’t have the money for a full re-cloth? Well don’t worry we’ve got just the product for you!

Introducing our cloth plasters – just like a plaster for your skin, just place one of these over the offending area, and as it’s covered with pool cloth you can still play a pretty much normal game.

We’re not going to lie – it’s not perfect, but a lot better than just leaving the tear there (the plasters also work great on any particularly worn areas) and at £6.99 they are a fair bit cheaper than a re-clothing.

The pack includes 10 plasters, so useful if you have drunken friends over more often than not!

Of course if you have any questions about our pool (and snooker) table cloth plaster then please call one of our advisers free on 0800 612 8180 – who can also help advise you if you’re not sure if you need just a touch up or indeed a full new cloth on your table.

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