Product Focus : Classic Slimline Pool Table

The Classic Slimline Pool Table

If you’re a regular reader of our blog here at Liberty Games you’ll know that we like to shine a spotlight on some of our best selling and most popular products from time to time, and today is no different!

Building on the tremendous success of our hugely popular Slimline Pool Table – the Classic Slimline builds on that success.

There are a few reasons the original Slimline table is such a popular table. Firstly the price, coming in at £579 makes the slimline table quite possible the cheapest slate bed pool table you can buy in the UK, it’s that simple! The Classic slimline sticks to the slimline’s great value roots and comes in at a highly respectable £679. Why the extra? Well the classic slimline has a few extra styling features over the original slimline, such as the over-hang top rail, which as i’m sure you’ll agree looks great!

The second reason the original slimline was so popular comes from it’s name – it’s a slim pool table! In the world of home pool tables this is a very good reason. Why? Well most houses and flats in the UK weren’t designed to have a big chunk pool table moved around in them. Tight corners, narrow corridors, staircases and door are not the pool table installers friend. But then the slimline comes to the rescue! With its slim body (which still features a commercial quality ball return system) it’s much easier to maneuver into place!

Not only that but with today’s minimalist trends the slimline looks spot on in any home.

As always if you have any questions about the Slimline, the Classic Slimline or any of our range of slate bed pool tables please give on our our fully trained sales advisers a call free on 0800 612 8180.

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