Product Focus : Spare Table Football Balls

Table Football Table BallsWe like to run a family-friendly blog here at Liberty Games so i’ll leave any double entendres to one side for now, and just get on with the blog post! Let’s face it table football balls are easily lost, what with being pinged around inside the table at high speeds, they do lend themselves to flying off, never to be seen again…

Still that’s where Liberty Games can help! Admittedly not the easiest thing to find on sale, we’ve actually got one (if not the) largest selection of table football table balls for sale on the internet. Some people we speak to think that a range of these isn’t necessary as they are all the same, which they aren’t. We have both standard balls (which come in varying sizes – more on that in a minute) as well as competition and high control balls (don’t forget that table football is enjoyed competitively the world over).

So if you are looking for replacement balls for a table, the first important consideration is the size of the ball you need. Although there isn’t much in it, and in many cases most balls will fit most tables it is important to check that the balls you are buying are suitable for the table you have.

Liberty Games sell balls ranging from 33-35mm, so for the balls you like the look of you need to check that they will fit in the goal (and any ball return mechanism), as well as not pass completely under the players feet (although this is unlikely).

You will also want to consider the material the balls are made of, most notably with regard to the noise the balls make during play, as well as the playing characteristics of the balls themselves. For example plastic balls will make more noise that cork balls which are more inclined to absorb the sound energy rather than reflect it.

As mentioned before there is also the matter of competition and professional balls, these are what the pros play with! If you are an aspiring amateur or professional foosball player then for a small charge you can learn to play with the very ball used in the world cup and other competition matches, which have their own unique play characteristics.

So there we have it, more to the world of foosball balls than any of us thought! Don’t forget you can check out our entire range right here, and each ball has a full description giving its dimensions and characteristics.

As always if you need any further advice please call one of our table football advisers free on 0800 612 8180.

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