There isn’t a soul alive that hasn’t heard of the gaming company known as Atari. They are like the daddy of video gaming and have been around since the early 70’s providing the world with unrivaled entertainment! Founded by the legends who released upon the world the first ever coin operated arcade game, Atari have since led the way in retro gaming. Without Atari, we probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to play on the games we all knew and loved in our younger years. I am sure we all remember how incredible gaming was on the Atari 400 and even the Atari 7800! In fact even the Atari Jaguar gave the Sega Mega-CD a run for its money. Unfortunately Atari don’t produce games consoles anymore, but if they did then they would probably be some of the best in the market.

Sure, Atari are nowhere near as popular as they once were, but nearly 40 years in business and still going strong shows just how successful they remain. Evolving from the plain and simple Pong to absolutely fantastic Xbox 360 games such as the role playing game Venetica, Atari have been able to adapt quickly to the rise in next generation competition and still churn out incredible games. Of course Atari will always be the masters of the arcade genre of gaming, this is proven easily with Xbox Live Arcade games such as Blade Kitten and Yars Revenge. Atari have even managed to break into the very recent android gaming niche by releasing a compilation of their 100 greatest games of all time.

Ancient but still as awesome as ever, Atari don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon! We might not see a next generation Atari games console anytime soon, but we shall definitely see many more future arcade gaming hits released.

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