Manufacturing pin tables from the 1930's right up until the 1990's Bally made some memorable (and still popular) titles - such as Doctor Who.

Known for being the king of casino gaming, Bally still to this day manages to dominate the world of pinball machines, slot machines and pretty much anything you would expect to find in Las Vegas! With the Bally name being around since the 1930’s, it has obviously undergone many changes throughout time as well as having its foot in several different doors.

It started off with pinball machines, then slot machines, then video games and to this day they are even responsible for releasing multi-media management tools! Bally is obviously a company that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

As briefly mentioned, Bally managed to sink their teeth into the video gaming industry. This came about after they bought out Midway and gained the license to release a game that changed the world as we know it – Space Invaders! This was clearly a game that revolutionized arcade systems and brought even more success to Bally.  Of course it didn’t end there! Shortly after Space Invaders they became even more successful with the releases of Pacman and Ms. Pacman.

Despite Bally’s fingers being in many pies, their obvious success will always be in pinball gaming! You simply haven’t lived until you have entered the Twilight Zone and played pinball like never before. The Dr. Who pinball game is another of Bally’s masterpieces and won’t ever be forgotten.

Standing the test of time, Bally are and always will be, the number one manufacturers in slot machines! Producing cult classics with merchandise that spans every area this is a company that knows how to create popular games that will remain relevant even after decades have passed them by.

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