Snooker tables, air hockey and even good old fashioned foosball, you name it and BCE Table Sports have probably manufactured it at some point! Starting out all the way back in 1976, BCE weren’t always the manufacturing giants that they are today. They started out as nothing more than a distributor in the coin operated market until 1980 when they began making their very own superior snooker tables!

By the 1980’s and early 90's BCE had become so successful that their very own snooker tables were being used during all of the professional tournaments. Of course their new found fame didn’t stop there! Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins, Willie Thorne and even Jimmy White were just a few of the many professionals that were honoured to endorse BCE’s very own range of snooker cues!

It wasn’t until the early 2000's that BCE obtained its main competitor Riley and together they began to dominate the world of snooker as somewhat of a manufacturing duo! Supplying over sixty different countries with their incredible air hockey tables, snooker tables and every other coin operated table you can think of, you’ll be hard pressed to find a company that could possibly rival BCE.

So with two of snookers juggernauts firmly fused together, you needn’t look any further for quality products that are just how you want them!

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