Data East

Data East

Manufacturing pinballs from 1987 through to 1994 Data East created some timeless classics still popular today including Back to the Future and Maverick.

Released upon the world in 1976 was a company that provided some of the very best in arcade entertainment. Yes, it could only be Data East! Known for their vast amount of awesome pinball machines and extensive list of retro games, Data East was able to provide fierce competition to the likes of Taito and even super-giants Sega!

These arcade titans were first in the business of fitting interchangeable tapes inside of arcade machines until they soon realized video gaming was the way forward.  Their very first video game release was Super Break and from there, things just kept getting better! RoboCop for the ZX Spectrum, Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja in the arcades and Chelnov for the MegaDrive is just a taste at how successful their games were.

It was only from the late 80's that Data East started producing pinball machines – and boy were they addictive! Star Wars, RoboCop, Back to the Future, you name it and Data East probably had a pinball version of it!

Despite not being in business anymore and next generation consoles leading the way, you can still get your hands on a nifty little game for the Nintendo Wii called Data East Arcade Classics. It is as the name suggests, a compilation of Data East's finest work.

You can also commemorate the memory of these arcade heroes by getting your hands on one of our many Data East pinball machines. Re-live the 90's with Ninja Turtles, Jurassic Park and even Lethal Weapon!

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