For years we would all hit the arcades in search of the best driving simulators. Well no more! Not since the birth of Gameracer, a company whose soul purpose was to bring simulation gaming to your own home!

Nothing beats being able to put the pedal to the medal and feel like your racing in a real life championship! Gameracer realized this and since starting out have managed to transform themselves into a hugely successful and popular brand.

Of course, Gameracer don’t just specialize in driving simulation. They have also gained a foot in the market of flight simulation too – perfect for young and aspiring pilots or those with a passion for flight simulating games.

Gameracer are still growing to this day and continue to shock the world with their spiffy new and inventive ways to make gaming fun and bring it to life. From rumble kits to give racing that extra authentic feel, to steering wheels compatible with just about any console around today!

Sure it is always fun to head down to the good old arcades and try your best to knock someone off the leader board, but what can be more fun than inviting a few friends round for a tournament at your house – all possible with Gameracer!

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