Global VR

Global VR Arcade Machines

Global VR started out as a small team, and is now one of the biggest in the world for immersive arcade experiences, boasting amazing franchises and excellent gameplay every time.

Global VR Arcade Machines

Starting out from a small four man team and working themselves up to one of the biggest and most recognised arcade legends in the world, Global VR are currently dominating the industry. Their passion for gaming combined with the licensing rights from the kings of sport games EA, has helped turn what was once a small company based in a garage into something that is surely going to be around for many years to come.

Though there is a definite sporting influence coming from Electronic Arts, Global VR are also renowned for producing some of the most fantastic rail shooters the world has ever known. Remember the good old Alien Extermination machine that was once in pretty much any arcade you ventured into? Or how about the more recent sequel to Panic Museum, known as Shh..! Welcome to Fringhtmareland? Both of which were products of Global VR, as well as many other incredible games such as Twisted: Nitro Stunt Racing and Justice League: Heroes United.

Global VR has also managed to break into redemption gaming with their very unique game known as Kaboom! A redemption game made fun by aiming to destroy as many buildings as possible.

So with an incredible amount of experience under their belt and so many successful games, Global VR is surely the right choice for you!

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