Gottlieb Amusement Games

Gottlieb Amusement Games

Once the leaders in Pinball, Gottlieb manufactured right up until the 1990's creating some of the most memorable titles on the market.

Established all the way back in the late 1920s, at one time Gottlieb was the number one producer of pinball machines. Even today, you will be hard pressed to find a decent arcade that doesn’t have at least one Gottlieb machine lurking around somewhere. It wasn't long before Gottlieb had gotten their fingers firmly pushed into many other pies too, such as bowling games and even video arcade games! You may recall the fantastic game for the Atari 2600 known as Reactor, or the platform legend Q*Bert. Both were notable titles that were developed and published by Gottlieb, and gained legions of fans devoted to the brand.

Despite not being in business anymore, Gottlieb pinball machines are still highly in demand, and getting your hands on the Street Fighter II or the Gladiators pinball machines could easily attract the right kind of attention and rake the business in! Other novelty pinball machines made by Gottlieb include Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Counterforce and of course the old 1980s James Bond machine.

If there was ever a name you could count on within the pinball gaming world, it would undoubtedly be Gottlieb - the company that once led the way in pinball entertainment.

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