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Incredible Technologies Arcade Machines

Incredible Technologies has developed games for video arcade machines, home consoles and even mobile - giving them some truly insightful experience into top quality entertainment.

Incredible Technologies Arcade Machines

Those of you with a passion for arcade golf games will no doubt be familiar with the name Incredible Technologies. Yes, it’s the very people who brought you the ever so exciting Golden Tee Golf!  Since starting out in 1985, Incredible Technologies have quickly entered and subsequently mastered several different markets. It all started in a cozy little basement where they worked on video game programming for Data East. From there, Incredible Technologies gradually but steadily worked their way up the ladder until the 90’s when their big success came about with Golden Tee!

It goes without saying that in this present day and age, Incredible Technologies certainly have managed to make a name up for themselves. From diving head first into the wonders of Wii technology to even releasing products on the ever so popular and now pretty much staple possession – the iPhone! Surely you have heard of iQuarters, the game where you simply have to flick a virtual coin into a glass. Well it was Incredible Technologies that produced that simple but addictive game!

Incredible Technologies have also managed to break into the world of casino gambling too! I guarantee that no matter what casino you walk into today, you will surely find one of their many slot machines sitting there just begging to be played on.

Incredible Technologies success seems to be truly never ending and they always manage to prove to the world that they are simply – incredible!

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