Konami Arcade Machines

If you love games, you already know Konami: from Silent Hill to Dance Dance Revolution, these incredible machines are a hit the world over and really bring the arcade to life.

Konami Arcade Machines

Legendary in the video gaming world and just as infamous when it comes to anime, you’ll be hard pressed to find a bad game that has been developed by Konami. Incredibly they have been in business since 1969 and still to this day are one of the leaders in gaming. Who would have thought that a lowly old jukebox repair company would go on to make some of the best loved video games of all time?

It started off with the idea to manufacture arcade machines, before moving onto bigger and better things. It was in no time at all that Konami started releasing legends such as the very first Metal Gear and the ever so popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games. Need I remind you that it was Konami who made the ultimate game in survival horror – Silent Hill! They also paved the way in espionage gaming with the insanely popular Metal Gear Solid, not to mention the fact they developed one of the most loved and reputable role playing games of all time – Suikoden! The list of successful video games is absolutely enormous and you surely don’t need me to tell you that.

Of course it was arcade entertainment that started things off with Konami and still to this day their arcade game machines reign supreme inside amusements all over the world. From Silent Scope to the extremely entertaining Dance Dance Revolution, and from Wartran to the very different Silent Hill arcade game, it is always the Konami games that grab most of the attention on the arcade floor.

The fact that Konami are netting over £70,000,000 a year and still growing tells the world that they are clearly dominating the video game world. Konami’s reign won’t be over anytime soon, especially if they keep producing the caliber of games they are known for.

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