Those of us who like a bit of good old fashioned touch screen gambling may have heard of a company named Megatouch. These guys are definitely the name to look for when it comes to coin operated touch screen machines as they use Merit Entertainment to develop some of the most fantastic games that you can find out there! Combined with AMI Entertainment, Megatouch is known mainly for the Aurora Widescreen Touchscreen Quiz Machine which can be found in a variety of popular bars across 27 different countries. Of course it isn’t their only successful game, surely you must have heard of the Megatouch Elite Edge or the insanely popular pub game known as Trivia Whiz!

A typical Megatouch machine will have over a whopping 150 games built in, keeping punters happy and entertained all night long no matter what their taste! Especially since each machine usually has around 5 – 6 different categories to choose from – meaning there really is something for everyone. Puzzle, strategy, adult, you name it and it has it!

Keeping up with things, Megatouch has even managed to release three different games for the ever growing iPhone and iPad! This is proof that they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon and are perfectly capable of adapting themselves quite neatly around the modern world. Who knows, they even break into the video game niche someday!

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