Raw Thrills

Raw Thrills Arcade Machines

Raw Thrills machines are some of the most famous in the world; from Super Bikes to the much-loved Bick Buck Pro Hunter franchise, it's a brand you don't want to miss out on.

Raw Thrills Arcade Machines

Take three genius arcade games designers with a passion for gaming, mix them with former Midway employees and what are you left with? Raw Thrills, leaders of today’s arcade systems! Founded in 2001, Raw Thrills aren’t exactly the oldest company to grace the arcade gaming world, but they certainly know their stuff! No matter what arcade you pay a visit to, there is always at least one Terminator Salvation machine being given a whole lot of attention.

Of course let’s not forget the ever so popular Guitar Hero Arcade which was engineered by Raw Thrills and licensed by Konami and Activision. Big Buck Safari is another one of their games you won’t struggle to find in any arcade. It may not be as action packed as Terminator Salvation, but it is definitely a step up from the likes of Duck Hunt and receives so much attention that regular tournaments are held to crown the champion.

April 4th 2011 saw the companies big golden heart shine as Raw Thrills donated $8,000 to the Japanese relief effort! Proving to the world that Raw Thrills aren’t just the biggest arcade gaming company but are all good Samaritans too!

It is unlikely that we will see Raw Thrills succumbing to home video gaming anytime soon, but for now they continue to dominate the arcades of today. With the arcade world firmly under their thumb, they really have no need to expand into home gaming!

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