Sega Arcade Machines

SEGA's reputation as a leader in entertainment can't be understated, and it's their arcade machines where they really excel - one brand your arcade room can't be without.

Sega Arcade Machines

Sega Air Hockey Tables

SEGA's arcade contributions don't stop at video games; their air hockey tables are an international favourite, not to be missed if you're looking for a big name and a high-intensity game!

Sega Air Hockey Tables

Sega are of course one of the biggest and best video games companies ever to grace this Earth. Known predominantly for their early video gaming consoles and creating the fastest hedgehog alive, Sega's very name can conjure up all sorts of nostalgic arcade memories! Who would have thought that such a humble little distributor of jukeboxes and slot machines would some day become an enormous video gaming giant that sits on a throne next to the likes of Nintendo!

Without a shadow of a doubt Sega's success story began in 1987 when the Master System was released upon the world boasting 8-bit graphics and Alex the Kidd. Of course this success continued in 1990 when the good old MegaDrive was released – which was clearly a European favourite.

Despite losing the war with Nintendo in the battle of 16-bit, Sega's fan-base was still enormous and it lead them to release more notable consoles such as the Sega Saturn and the revolutionary Dreamcast console! Sega’s Dreamcast didn't just introduce extremely powerful graphics that wiped the floor with the PlayStation, but it also allowed Sonic the Hedgehog to grow into the 3D platformer we’ve all grown to love!

Sega unfortunately don't manufacture video gaming consoles anymore, but they sure have housed some of the most recognized and loved games to date – from classics like Sonic, Wonder Boy and Rocket Knight Adventures, to 3D titles like Jet Set Radio, Grandia and Chu-Chu Rocket.

Of course it's arcade entertainment which Sega will always be recognized for and it's classics like House of the Dead, Virtua Cop and Crazy Taxi that will always stand the test of time and receive most of the attention on the arcade floor.

Firmly placed at the top of the gaming tree, Sega are still making games that are loved all around the world. It would be great if they still made consoles as well, but for now we will have to be satisfied with their awesome games and upcoming releases.

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