Taito Arcade Machines

Taito pioneered the video arcade game back in the 1980s with runaway favourite Space Invaders - and today they're still on form, producing some of the most memorable games ever.

Taito Arcade Machines

Innovative and legendary, Taito are a video gaming company whose name will live on many years from now! They are of course responsible for the shortage of 100 Yen coins back in the 80’s, thanks to the release of the incredibly successful Space Invaders. Who would have thought that originally a mere importing and distribution company would end up creating some of the most memorable video games of all time!

Chase HQ, Battle Gear 4, the old Flintstones games and Operation Wolf are but a few of the timeless classics that Taito are responsible for blessing us with. Of course they still remain prominent to this day thanks to becoming a subsidiary of video gaming giants Square Enix!

Now Taito are just as strong as ever and even have their foot in the door when it comes to iPhone apps and android games. Taito are also just as strong in the present arcade world and have managed to release a series of new and exciting games such as Sonic Blast Heroes, Kick Through Racers and 2D fighting legend Blazblue Continuum Shift II.

Taito's very own philosophy is to "spread happiness across the globe by providing unforgettable experiences". Clearly this is a mission statement that can be vouched for by the tremendous games Taito have released upon the world. Taito won’t be going anywhere anytime soon and will continue to grace the world with "unforgettable experiences".

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