Another manufacturer with significant industry pedigree Williams created some of the most popular industry titles including Star Trek : The Next Generation.

Founded in 1943, Williams is one of the most successful arcade pinball companies ever. Not only are they the ones responsible for the insanely popular Terminator 2 pinball machine, but they also brought us the Demolition Man game, the F-14 Tomcat pinball and even the futuristic Johnny Mnemonic! In fact, the Williams pinball machines were so timeless and unforgettable that a collection of their games were recreated for the Nintendo Wii by Crave Entertainment.

1973 saw Williams expand into the arcade video game sector, after which they released successful games including Paddle Ball, Robotron: 2084 and Joust. And let’s not forget the very popular video game known as Defender, which inspired many other developers to follow in its footsteps!

Still in business today and also developing slot machines for many different casinos all around the world, Williams easily lives up to its mission statement, that says the company is forever trying to create the most compelling gaming experiences possible.

But no matter how successful
Williams become in the casino world, it’s always pinball gaming that they will be remembered for. A Williams pinball machine is a must-have for any amusements or bar, as they allow players to relive a golden age that will never be forgotten.

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