What features should I look for in an Air Hockey table?


Video Transcription :

Air hockey tables range from under £100 to over £4000, however the tables tend to improve both in terms of play quality and similarity to arcade standard tables as the price tag increases.

The best way to approach your choice is to decide on who will be using the table and how much use the table will receive. If for example you are purchasing the table for very young kids then a simple spec 5ft or 6ft air hockey will be ideal. The expensive electronic scorers are replaced by normal abacus style scorers and the size or height of the table is going to be appropriate.

If however the table is destined for teenagers or maybe into a school or youth club environment then you need to consider the larger and stronger models. Air hockey is a physical game and the table needs to be able to take the strain. At this stage you should be looking at tables that carry a larger puck size, have centrifugal fans to sure up the air flow and are 6ft to 8ft in size.

If you want the best of the best then only the commercial standard tables will suffice, these are very popular in home games rooms, youth clubs and schools because the true arcade standard of play is provided.

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