The Unofficial Gaming Music Charts

Every gaming fan has a place in their heart (/ears) for the iconic, retro sounds of Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros and other arcade classics like Tetris. There’s no denying that those upbeat, catchy tracks can get stuck in your head for hours on end. But as video game technology progresses, so do their soundtracks, with more modern games like Halo, Skyrim and God of War cementing themselves as fan favourites.

With so many great video games around, we started thinking (dangerous), which video game songs are the best? Do retro games sound better than modern ones? Does anyone even listen to these tracks when not gaming? (turns out they definitely do).

We have analysed Spotify data to reveal the top 20 most-played video game songs to create our very own (un)Official Top 20 Gaming Charts. Does you favourite game feature?

(If listening to these makes you feel particularly retro don’t forget we’ve a range of classic arcade machines which can help you re-live those games in all their full-size arcade glory.)

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