Galaxy Ultimate 2500 Multi Game Arcade Coffee Table

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  • Stylish, contemporary coffee table.
  • Built-in arcade machine with plenty of games.
  • Arcade-standard controls with backlit buttons.
  • Toughened glass top & deep black finish.
  • Intuitive menu & game select system.
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Product Description

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Long, Low Coffee Table Arcade Machine

If you haven’t the room for a dedicated arcade machine in your home, or you prefer a more relaxed attitude to gaming, the Galaxy Coffee Table Arcade could be just what you’re looking for. It's a stylish, contemporary coffee table with a large videogame screen laid into the top surface.

It arrives ready to plug in and go, with 2500 classic arcade games playable via the intuitive menu system. Browse the enormous game list and look for the ones you used to play, or use the search function to quickly home in on your favourites. One button push loads the game and within seconds, you're playing. It couldn't be easier.

Huge Hit Arcade Games

Access the biggest and best arcade games ever made, spanning from the early 1980s to the late 1990s. Use the menu to cycle through a massive list of titles, and hit 'Fire' to load one up.

game screenshots

Play all of your old arcade favourites, or try out hundreds of little-known gems and rarities that you’ve probably never heard of. Click here to scan or search the entire game list.

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The coffee table arcade machine controls.

Contemporary Design & Deep Black Finish

Long, low and finished in a deep, luxurious black, the Galaxy Coffee Table brings a little sci-fi chic to your living space. Its height makes it perfectly suited to casual environments, with players sitting on sofas or low-slung chairs, instead of on bar stools or standing.

Its unique O-shaped design opens a large, useful cubby hole under the table. A flush-mounted toughened glass top protects the screen and gives lots of space for your drinks, magazines and more. The machine requires internet access to function, either via Wifi or ethernet.

The coffee table arcade machine illuminated buttons.

Arcade-Standard Controls & Buttons

A dual control box projects from one side of the table, close enough together to allow two players an excellent view of the large screen, but far enough apart to prevent the use of elbows as weapons.

Each player has an arcade-standard joystick, plus six backlit fire buttons and 1P/2P select buttons. Concealed controls allow the adjustment of audio volume and picture.

The coffee table arcade machine's 1p button.

The Ultimate Gaming Solution

No man cave or games room should be without a multiplay arcade machine, but now you don’t have to buy a dedicated upright or cocktail cabinet.

The Galaxy Coffee Table Arcade Machine is perfect for the casual gaming space. Just fire it up, select your favourite game and take a journey through the golden ages of video gaming.

Key Features

  • Ready to play.
  • 2,500 games available.
  • Contemporary coffee table design.
  • Toughened glass protective top.
  • 12-month warranty for home users.
  • Read through the full games list and find your childhood favourites.
  • Dual controls mounted side by side.
  • Arcade-standard joysticks & backlit fire buttons.
  • Easy-to-navigate menu system.
  • Built-in sound system with volume control.
  • Large LCD screen.
  • Pre-assembled. Just plug in and play.
  • Design registration number 6002113.
  • Saves high scores in-game (does not save high scores after you exit the game).
  • Wifi or ethernet connection required.
  • You are being supplied with a quality gaming cabinet. This cabinet has been built with the ability to play various arcade games in one unit. All games are included free of charge and are not considered part of the sale price.

For The Ultimate Games Room

Arcade neon light

Make your games room really glow with a handmade custom neon light.

Just £1149 including free delivery - learn more.

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More Information

  • Includes a 12 month manufacturing warranty.
  • Indoor use only.
  • If you have any further delivery requirements, please contact Liberty Games before placing your order.
Full One Year Warranty on Arcade Machines

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Reviews (9)

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Product Reviews

Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Adam Wakeling

Tuesday 12th April 2022

The best purchase I’ve made in a very long time
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Terry Fanning

Thursday 5th August 2021

Very good
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Harvey Wheaton

Wednesday 14th July 2021

Very well made, solid and a great size. Joysticks and controls have a professional and robust feel. A little larger than I imagined, so make sure you have the space. Works well as a coffee table as well as arcade machine.

Fantastic range of games. The interface needs a little work (small things but scrolling through the long list even with page-by-page can be long-winded, and ordering is a little hit and miss. Text description for each game overlaps the image and looks untidy.

All the games I've played so far are fantastic. Would have liked the option to map buttons/joystick to a different configuration (e.g. for Defender where I prefer the joystick to work as reverse). The mini keyboard for the PC is great. Minor issue is that the fan for the PC is quite noisy - you wouldn't want to leave this on all the time when not playing.

Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Martin Corbyn

Tuesday 25th May 2021

Great new toy for my Lounge. We have strong internet so it takes seconds to load which is good. Wished you could on the 2 player alt games use the 2 player controller rather then having to shift over to share player 1 controller, but otherwise great thanks
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: gordon christopher

Tuesday 6th October 2020

I am extremely pleased to recommend the Liberty Games arcade drinks table - it's excellent. The product is superb, great fun and when you consider the quality, range of games, internet and computer access, then it's next-generation fun for years to come.

Value for money: Absolutely, buy with confidence knowing you have made a correct choice.

Overall: Spot on, definitely recomend this product, service and feedback professional.

Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Robert Gallant

Friday 23rd August 2019

Amazing old school fun couldn't be happier.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Mr Robert Banks

Wednesday 28th March 2018

I'm pleased to find an arcade machine with such a nice design, the more traditional designs were a bit too 'pub' style for our living room. The shape of the table does have a handy storage area and my partner cannot get enough of the Games. This was purchased as a Christmas Gift (2017) and we are more than happy with the purchase.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Keith Buckley

Thursday 26th October 2017

I purchased the coffee table in May, but wanted to hang on a good few months before recommending. Style wise, this product fitted in well with our living room (mainly white furniture). As a table it works well, we have had a few tea spills over the last couple of months on the glass, but they haven’t marked in any way. One spill did trickle under the glass on one side, but this is easily removed using an allen key. The gap under the screen is a nice design feature, we have used it to store various thing, but it’s worth noting that the volume controls for the arcade are located in the gap on the right, so best not to cover those with any news papers etc. As an arcade machine it works very well, there are a LOT of games and I only played maybe 100 titles before owning this, it takes a few goes to navigate the menu properly and get into the routine of using the credit button ~(next to 1p button)~ when the games ask you to ‘insert coin’ this basically does the same via the button and you can keep pressing for more credit. Getting back to the menu is just a case of holding down the 1p or 2p button. The joysticks and buttons are good quality and the screen is bright so comes through the glass very well. The volume controls work each speaker independently, but worth noting that they are very sensitive, only minor turns are needed and they are loud when needed if you have plenty of people over. So yes, it’s a solid buy – no problems so far over the last 5 months.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: James Potter

Friday 19th May 2017

This arcade machine / coffee table has a huge number of games for the price and looks great in my living room. Unlike other models, I liked that this one had the central hole in the middle to be able to store remotes etc. Screen has good viewing angles as well.


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Product Details
111 cm (43 1116 inches)
77 cm (30 516 inches)
57 cm (22 716 inches)
95 kg (209 lbs)
Key Information
Multi Game
Cabinet Type
Sit Down
Coin Operated
12-month warranty for home use. 6-month warranty for commercial use.

Q&A (7)

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1 vote
Hi. In the product spec tab, it says this unit is 57cm high, but in the video the little man in the corner talks about the dimensions, with a diagram showing the unit being 51cm high. Please can you confirm the correct height of this unit? Thanks.
The total height including the joysticks would be 57cm approximately. The total height to the glass surface is 52cm.
Asked by Mark. Answered by Joe on 28th May 2019
1 vote
Hi is it possible for me to load additional games to this machine?
I'm afraid not, more games cannot be added to the set list.
Asked by Terry. Answered by Joe on 19th August 2019
1 vote
What size is the screen?
Asked by Cheryl . Answered by Joe on 28th November 2019
1 vote
can you make this coin operated? thanks
This machine would be free play only.
Asked by Ryan. Answered by Joe on 31st January 2020
1 vote
Is there any reason this system needs to be connected to Wi-fi/Ethernet to be used?
This is required as the games are streamed via the internet. The games are not preloaded.
Asked by Adele. Answered by Joe on 13th August 2020
1 vote
What's the specific reason for why this needs to be connected to the Internet?
This is required as the games are streamed via the internet.
Asked by JPB. Answered by Joe on 13th August 2020
1 vote
I'm sure it looks great but is it possible to have a screen size of more than 20 inches?
Not that we can offer on this machine I'm afraid.
Asked by Beef. Answered by Joe on 10th October 2020
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