Corporate Branding

Display Your Branding & Artwork to Create a Stylish Corporate Space
Branded games tables are a great way to entertain your staff, your visitors and your customers. Choose a games table that's right for your space, and boost engagement, visitor duration and happiness.

What is Corporate Branding?

Games tables are perfect for office spaces, exhibitions and public areas. They attract visitors and offer a way to keep these visitors engaged. And for the ultimate in style, you can now have yours especially branded with your company logo, brand colour palette and more.

They make your space look cohesive and neat, boosting your corporate profile and building positive brand associations. And anyone invited to play on the game, whether staff, guests or clients, will have lots of fun.

Branded games tables.

Where Can Branded Items Be Showcased?

Office Breakout Rooms

Firstly, you can install one in your office breakout room. This could be perfect for your workforce, who can spending their lunch breaks and downtime engaging in healthy, social competition. Many studies have shown the benefits of having an office games table among employees, so why not make yours branded to match the rest of your corporate livery?

A customised foosball table.

Exhibitions & Events

For those who attend exhibitions, your exhibition stand is a natural place for a games table. It will attract visitors, and your staff can build positive relationships with potential clients over an enjoyable, informal game. And your branding will act as another level of advertisement, reinforcing that positive brand association, and also - hopefully - appearing in any images posted on social media.

Bars, Shops & Public Spaces

And for public spaces like shop floors, bars and cafes, a games table that's matched to your brand creates an attractive, cohesive brand presentation, engaging and entertaining your customers and visitors, and again acting as a fruitful brand placement for any images or video that gets posted to social media.

Corporate Incentives & Prizes

What better way to raise your brand profile than by incentivising partners with their own, custom-branded product? It's an amazing way to seal any deal, engage your target audiences and get your logos noticed!

At Home

You can even have a branded table in your home games room! With prior permission from the brand owner, we can decorate a table in any livery you like, to create a personalised, themed touch that's sure to impress your guests and visitors!

Which Games Tables Can Be Branded?

We offer a range of tables for branding across multiple sectors, from table footballs to pool tables, table tennis tables, arcade machines and even pinball machines. So you really can choose a table that's perfect for your needs.

Our selection is hand-picked to offer a wide choice of models, each suitable for different situations and locations. Some are tough, resilient, commercial-grade machines, suitable for busy public areas. Others are more suitable for office common rooms or low-volume areas. We can even brand outdoor tables with special materials, designed to be more resilient to damp, moisture and UV rays. Our friendly sales team can help to advise on which product is best for you.

On each branding page, you can browse all available models. If you'd like to enquire about another model that isn't shown, just give us a call, and we can see the possibility for you.

Some games tables that are popular for branding include:

Pool Tables

With large, flat sides for decoration and a vast expanse of coloured cloth, that can be custom printed to match the cabinet, pool tables are a favourite for branding, especially in permanent installations like offices and bars.

Their weight and bulk means they aren't always suitable for temporary installations, like exhibition stands.

A branded pool table.

Football Tables

Probably our most popular products for branding, foosballs are compact, relatively portable, and have large, flat sides that are perfect for displaying your brand artwork. With a large range to choose from, including outdoor and coin-operated models, they're a fun way to build brand association among your clients and guests.

You can even customise your player figures, to have team strips in the same colours as your brand.

A branded foosball table.

Air Hockey Tables

They are similar in size to pool tables, but crucially they can fit in smaller spaces, as all-round access isn't necessary to play the game. An air hockey table can be installed against a wall or furniture.

The larger, commercial tables are again better suited to permanent installations due to weight and size, but the smaller, home tables are more portable.

A branded pool table.

Arcade Machines

Arcade machines come in a vast range of shapes and sizes. We offer the traditional 'upright' arcades for branding, which are relatively compact and easy to fit into most spaces. If you're looking for something more spectacular, we can also offer larger commercial arcades, or machines that are themed like boxing arcades, basketball arcades or even shooting arcades.

With plenty of flat panels, you can really create something special with a full vinyl wrap on an arcade machine.

A customised arcade machine.

Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis tables work beautifully as a subtle branding project. The main playfield cannot be branded, as this would affect the performance of the table, but we can add elegant branding along the lower edges of the table, underneath the playfield - just like you see on TV!

On some models there are also brandable areas on the sides, where the central legs are. Flat panels here can be customised to your taste with ease, making for an impressive visual effect.

A customised table tennis table.

Pinball Machines

They're not your first thought for a branded games table, but a pinball machine can be an absolutely amazing branded installation. With lots of lights, sounds and fast-paced gameplay, they're very attractive and will bring in guests and visitors alike.

Most pinballs are designed around a theme, with a backbox artwork (called a translite) and playfield especially created around that theme. We don't customise the translite or playfield, so make sure you pick a pinball theme that suits your brand or project!

A customised pinball machine.


Seen something else on our site that you'd love to have branded up? Give us a call to discuss, and we'll see if we can do it!

Which Areas Can Be Branded?

In general, we apply branding to flat panels like the side of a pool table, or the leg aprons of an air hockey table. In some cases there are special areas that can be branded for more impact, like having a custom-printed pool table cloth, or an opaque print to go on an arcade machine's illuminated top marquee.

In most cases the underlay of a foosball table pitch can be branded too so that it shows through the glass, for a spectacular effect.

A customised football table playfield.

Depending on the product type, we can offer extra colouring or branding too. Perhaps you'd like a foosball table with your teams painted in your brand colours, or a pinball machine with painted trims and legs. Whatever your ideas, be sure to discuss them with us.

How Do I Design My Artwork?

You have two choices here. The easiest way is to design your own. After placing your order we will send you full-size templates to design onto, with full instructions on print specification. Send us back the completed artwork for us to print onto tough, high-quality vinyl, and our graphics team will then apply the print perfectly. This option is called Artwork Assistance.

A custom football table being created.

Or, if you need a little help or inspiration, our in-house design team can create something especially for you. Give us any artwork you'd like us to use, like logos or icons, ideally in vector format. And give us a project brief of what design you'd like. Our design team will come up with some ideas that you can look at and adjust, before signing it off for us to print and apply. This option is called Artwork Design.

A graphic designer working on custom games tables.

What Happens Next?

Browse our full range of custom branded project bases and choose the one that's right for you. Prepare your artwork or branding pack, and we'll do the rest! And do contact our friendly sales team for advice on any part of the branding process.

This article was written by Liberty Games staff member
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