Branded Pool Tables

Pool tables are large, imposing and grab the attention like nothing else. They're ideal for branding, getting your company logo out there and into people's minds. Games of pool are by nature quite long, so your artwork is exposed to players for an hour or more. And as much as pool is great to play, it's also fun to watch, attracting spectators who follow the game's every move.

A pool table is generally cuboid in shape, with large, flat sides and smaller end panels. The side panels are particularly good for applying branded vinyl. But the prime real estate for visibility on a pool table is right where everybody is looking - on the playfield cloth itself. Let us talk you through the process of branding a pool table.

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Where Can I Apply Branding?

Branding is applicable in two, highly visible areas of the pool table.

Full Exterior Wrap

This is a set of printed adhesives that are designed to cover the sides of the cabinet. Pool tables vary in size and shape, but almost all have flat panels on the long and short sides. This is where we can apply our high-quality vinyl graphic.

Our vinyls will not cover trims, coin mechs or other aspects that protrude from these panels. Our vinyl will be trimmed around these features.

Branded Cloth

We are able to print your logo or artwork, in any colour combination you like, on specially-prepared pool cloth. This doesn't affect the game at all, as special inks are used that maintain your pool cloth's integrity and performance.

Irene branded pool table

Where Can I Have a Branded Pool Table?

In Your Office Breakout Room

A pool table is a wise choice for your office breakout room. The benefits of games tables for office workforces are well known, and a slow, social game like pool is ideal to bring the team together.

With unique custom branding, your pool table will match your company's livery perfectly. Your visitors and guests will admire your attention to detail, and the pool table will become a statement of presence that isn't just there to look good - it's there to be played!

Canna branded pool table
On Your Exhibition Stand

Exhibition stands are often in competition with their neighbours, not only to attract visitors, but to keep them on their stand for longer. This gives your team time to chat to them, get to know their requirements, and make the sales your business needs.

A pool table is a fantastic ice-breaker. Who can resist forgetting about work for 20 minutes and enjoying a quick frame? Your potential new clients will love the excuse to get away from chit-chat for a few minutes. Remember, every second that they're on your stand means they're not on someone else's.

And it's great for your team, too. Nobody likes an exhibition team who are clearly bored, quiet and fiddling with their phones. Now they can play pool with each other, chatting, competing and laughing, making your brand appear as a dynamic, positive presence that clearly deserves a second look.

In Your Home Games Room

Custom branded pool tables aren't only for our corporate clients. We can apply vinyl artwork or a custom-printed cloth to your home table, for a really unique games room. Just get in touch with your ideas.

Ellesse branded pool table

What Do You Need From Me?

We'll need your hi-res artwork in order to have the graphics printed. We will need your artwork at full size, minimum 300dpi with a generous bleed of at least 50mm on all sides. Don't have artwork? Our in-house creative team can work with you to create something special - all we need is your hi-res logo.

How Long Does It Take?

Once you've placed your order and sent us your artwork, or approved the artwork we have produced for you, we will print it onto quality vinyl and apply the graphics in our workshop. Your new branded table is then ready to be delivered by our fulfilment teams.

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