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The nostalgia around retro gaming is huge with many people seeking that flashback feeling when going online to play. Whether it's Ms. Pac-Man, the original femme fatale of the gaming world or Street Fighter's martial arts master, Ryu, there is always a character we loved to take into battle. But which arcade games are still on our minds to this day?

The map below will reveal the most searched for retro game in every country around the world but the question is, does your favourite make the list?

The world is Pac-Man obsessed

A map showing the top retro games in various countries.

Scratch the long list of games, it looks like the world is mad for the 80's classic Pac-Man. Pac-Man is the most searched-for game in a whopping 209 countries around the world, with just four countries not having the classic arcade game as their most searched-for retro game.

What about the rest?

Although Pac-Man is clearly the king of retro gaming, there are some other titles that feature in the topmost searched for list. Find out which other titles make the cut below.

Table showing the most search for retro games.


Using Ranker we collated a list of the top-rated retro gaming and collected figures for global search volume using Google Search to help determine the most popular retro games around the world. Data collected September 2021.

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