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Arcade Machines

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Multiplay Arcade Machines

Multiplay Arcade Machines

Brand new Arcade Machines featuring a full range of retro / modern games all in one great cabinet!

Cabinets in both upright, cocktail (sit-down) and coffee table styles.

  • Classic Arcade Games
  • All In 1 Cabinet

Latest Arcade Machines

Latest Arcade Machines

The latest in single-game full on arcade experiences - from brands such as Namco, SEGA, Raw Thrills and many more.

Dedicated cabinets featuring the most up-to-date games, before they're seen in many arcades!

  • Most up to date models
  • Latest games

Shooting Arcade Machines

Shooting Arcade Machines

Huge range of refurbished shooting games, popular for both home and commercial sites. In Standard, Twin & Deluxe cabinets.

Classics such as Time Crisis, Virtua Cop, House of the Dead, Big Bick Hunter (& their sequels).

  • Full Size Shooters
  • Time Crisis II +

Driving Arcade Machines

Driving Arcade Machines

Take the driving seat with one of our range of refurbished or brand new driving games. Including single seat, simulators, uprights and twin seat games.

Classics such as Sega Rally, Chase HQ, Need for Speed, Crazy Taxi, Mario Kart & many more.

  • Latest Driving Games
  • Classic Driving Titles

Flight & Driving Simulators

Flight & Driving Simulators

Add an extra dimension to your gaming experience! We have sleekly designed home games room simulators through to full size commercial arcade models.

Compatible with PCs & video game consoles, we also offer Vesaro brand motion sims.

  • Highest Levels of Realism
  • Put Your Mind In The Zone

Dance Arcade Machines

Dance Arcade Machines

Great for Having Fun, Getting your Groove On & Keeping Fit! (and earning money in Commercial Sites).

Great for homes, schools, youth clubs and businesses - and to keep fit!

  • Great For Fitness
  • Latest Dance Songs

Boxer Arcade Machines

Boxer Arcade Machines

These test your strength machines have become a favourite in entertainment centres, arcades, fun fairs and amusement parks!

We have the latest models of Boxer machines from suppliers all over Europe and the world.

  • Test Your Strength
  • A Solid Workout

Other Arcade Machines

Other Arcade Machines

Some arcade simply defy genres - this is where you find them! Some weird, some wonderful - all great fun!

Including classics such as golf games, boxing machines, surfing games and much much more.

  • Mixed Machine Types
  • Coin Operated

Novelty Redemption Machines

Novelty Redemption Machines

We have a wide range of ticket and prize redemption machines available in different themes and styles.

Photo Booths, Grabbers, Target Games, Boxers & Mallet Games!

  • Grabbers, Ticket Payouts
  • Coin Operated

Claw Crane Grabber Machines

Claw Crane Grabber Machines

Novelty redemption arcade cranes are a regular feature in amusement centres and family arcades.

These iconic machines are not only fun to play, but offer great earnings potential.

  • Grabbers For Various Prizes
  • New & Refurbished

Quiz Machines

Quiz Machines

For your home or commercial premises - Quiz machines were built to entertain (and reward)!

These are fun and highly addictive featuring a number of popular games!

  • The Latest Pub Hits
  • Paragon Touch Screens

Kiddy Rides

Kiddy Rides

Add some fun to your home or business with one of our fun and entertaining Kiddy Rides.

We stock refurbished and brand new coin operated rides, in a number themes.

  • A Good Selection of Themes
  • New & Refurbished

Classic Arcade Machines

Classic Arcade Machines

Own your own classic arcade machine! All refurbished and fully working using their original technology.

These aren't reproductions - they are lovingly restored by trained Liberty Games technicians.

  • Original Classics Machines
  • Iconic Designs & Titles

Change Machines

Change Machines

Help increase spend and keep your customers happy with a change machine. Essential for anyone using coin operated equipment.

Brand new and reconditioned models available to help suit every budget.

  • Increase Machine Earnings
  • Notes to Coins & The Reverse

SEGA Specialist Section

SEGA Specialist Section

From the kings of the arcade market, we've put together some of our best selling & favourite SEGA games.

From Lindbergh Cabinets, through After Burner and more, SEGA has something for everyone.

  • Latest Sega Offerings
  • Buy The Best

Retro Gaming Merchandise

Retro Gaming Merchandise

Perfect for your home or office these retro gaming accessories add a unique touch of arcade cool!

Alternatively give your own games room a more arcade-like feel.

  • Great Gifts For Gamers
  • Coasters, Coat Hooks

Basketball Arcade Machines

Basketball Arcade Machines

A range of exciting arcade machines based on the popular sport of basketball.

Practice your goal shots, shoot hoops with friends and develop your basketball skills.

Explore Brands
Bandai Namco video arcade machines Bandai Namco

This legendary manufacturer is the brand behind Tekken and Ridge Racer - whether you're looking for the classics or a new kind of thrill, Bandai Namco still packs a punch.

Elaut video arcade machines Elaut

Elaut has been producing video arcade machines since the 1950s. Today the brand is still known for its dedication to quality and design, especially in crane/grabbers.

Global VR video arcade machines Global VR

Global VR started out as a small team, and is now one of the biggest in the world for immersive arcade experiences, boasting amazing franchises and excellent gameplay every time.

Incredible Technologies video arcade machines Incredible Technologies

Incredible Technologies has developed games for video arcade machines, home consoles and even mobile - giving them some truly insightful experience into top quality entertainment.

Konami video arcade machines Konami

If you love games, you already know Konami: from Silent Hill to Dance Dance Revolution, these incredible machines are a hit the world over and really bring the arcade to life.

Raw Thrills video arcade machines Raw Thrills

Raw Thrills machines are some of the most famous in the world; from Super Bikes to the much-loved Bick Buck Pro Hunter franchise, it's a brand you don't want to miss out on.

Retro-Tech video arcade machines Retro-Tech

Retro-Tech specialise in home entertainment systems with a difference, combining old-school games with contemporary design for a system you won't want to stop playing.

Scott Tod video arcade machines Scott Tod

Scott Tod's change machines are an essential in any video arcade space; eye-catching and reliable, they're perfect for any venue - perfect to maximise your takings.

Sega video arcade machines Sega

SEGA's reputation as a leader in entertainment can't be understated, and it's their arcade machines where they really excel - one brand your arcade room can't be without.

Surface Tension video arcade machines Surface Tension

Surface Tension specialises in amazing coffee table video arcade machines, combining retro games with a smooth, sleek, modern design to fit perfectly in your home.

Taito video arcade machines Taito

Taito pioneered the video arcade game back in the 1980s with runaway favourite Space Invaders - and today they're still on form, producing some of the most memorable games ever.

Thomas Automation video arcade machines Thomas Automation

Thomas Automation produce arcade change machines that promise reliability for both you and the users - turbo charge your takings by ensuring customers are always ready to play.

Vesaro video arcade machines Vesaro

Vesaro are producers of some of the finest and most realistic driving simulators on earth, for that real racing experience.

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Need to know more?

From its inception in 2004, the Liberty Games website rapidly became the most comprehensive retail platform for arcade retail in the UK. As a company we provide both new and fully refurbished arcade equipment, from the very basic machine styles to the latest deluxe screen models being released around the world. 

Recent trends have seen a sharp rise in the sales of the multiplay style of machine due to both their convenient size (for home use) and their incredible value for money. The Galaxy range of machines have become well known in the UK as some of the best value home machines on the market. Just one cabinet can hold in excess of 350 genuine arcade games enjoyed by gamers through the 80's 90' and 00s! The multi-game revolution has meant people can relive their youth without having to spend out on a rather expensive and sometimes impractical dedicated machine.

There is however no question that the dedicated machines still create the wow factor and can be a superb addition to a games room. The detail now captured in the latest twin driving games is something that no multi-arcade machine can capture. Similarly the story lines and realism created by the latest shooting games is mind blowing and creates a completely absorbing experience for the player. Titles such as House of the Dead or Time Crisis still live on into their fourth and fifth editions, each time both the graphics and gun feedback improves.

For fitness and fun we also specialise in dance machines both in coin operated and dedicated home use versions. These machines are a superb way to play a game whilst staying fit, to that end there are now world class events held for the very best movers on the planet. The boxer games are also a must for anyone who likes their fitness activities to pack a bit more of a punch.

Although a less common choice for people's homes, Liberty Games also provide a comprehensive range of novelty redemption and claw or grabber machines. These tend to be favoured by a younger crowd who enjoy the thrill of trying to get their hands on the latest merchandise.

More recently we have moved into the world of dedicated flight and driving simulators. This marks a new wave of arcade style gaming based on the consoles and PCs currently available. As these designs advance they are set to rival the dedicated machines being released into the market.

Liberty Games have a dedicated team of sales advisors who can help navigate the correct items for your arcade, youth club, school or home games room.

We also have more information on some individual products:

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