Find out how the correct coin operated equipment can earn you thousands per week from both inside and outside your establishment

Learn 3 secret techniques that will increase the earnings from your coin operated equipment by 74% (find out more below).
By using coin operated equipment in the right way and in the right place you can turn your business into a passive income miracle!

Liberty Games began life as a business called Liberty Leisure. At its height, Liberty Leisure had over 800 coin operated machines in over 390 commercial premises. In many of our sites, the coin operated equipment paid the wage bills, in others the coin operated equipment contributed the highest profit per square foot of any other service the premises provided. We gained some considerable experience during our operating days and we are ready to help you. Some of the thoughts below are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to making the most out of the coin-operated equipment you purchase. Hopefully some of the points will relate to your particular premises whether you own a pub, holiday park, hotel, youth club, social club, caravan park or any other leisure site, we can help!

“Make money from inside and outside your premises. Use all of your earning space”

When the sun is shining your customers flock outside, but more often than not they have nothing there to keep them spending. Why not provide them with an outdoor coin operated pool table as a source of entertainment? The average take on outdoor pool tables last summer was £34 per day (£238 per week).

But why stop there? Place a coin operated outdoor football table next to the pool table and instantly double your income stream! The average take on an outdoor football table last summer was £28 per day (£196 per week).

Even non coin operated equipment can generate money. Table tennis tables can be used and stored outside, just charge your customer a small fee to release the bats and balls.

In three simple steps you have created three new income streams! (To find out how you can double the average income from the tables keep reading on!)

On rainy days or when the sun has set, it’s essential that your indoor areas are primed to maximise your income. An excellent way to generate instant cash flow is by investing in a video arcade machines and quiz machines.

Dance machines and twin driving games are currently the largest money makers in the seaside arcades and a third hit this year has been the ‘Galaxy Multi-play’ Arcades. These are single arcade cabinets that hold over 60 games in one machine. They play all the classics like Space Invaders and Pac-Man! - Just right for younger and older customers.

Coin operated air hockey tables have proved to be a big hit in family entertainment centres because every age can get involved. A game the whole family can play will always be popular. Why not choose a refurbished arcade air hockey to minimise your outlay and maximise your return!


Three secret ways to make sure you double the normal income from
your coin operated equipment!

1) The Magic of a Change Machine.

Have you ever thought of investing in a change machine? Those commercial premises that have seen an average 98% rise in their customer spends on coin operated equipment. The simple fact is, once a customer has broken a note down into change, they tend to spend every last pound. An investment in a change machine can make all the difference.

2) Train your bar staff to ensure a customer gets pound coins rather than notes.

It’s simple but effective, if you give your customer a £5 note as change there is little chance they will spend it. If you give them 5 x £1 coins, the money has a much higher chance of finding its way into your coin operated equipment.

3) Your machines can only take money when they are working!

Over 25% of coin operated equipment is left for months on end without being checked by the management! By regularly checking your machines you can ensure they are working correctly and making you money. Always try to ensure your machines are clean, the coin mechanism is accepting money and the machine is giving the correct credit. These three checks can boost your profits considerably.


Enjoy lifetime value from return customers.

Choosing the right equipment can be the difference between a customer who only visits you once, and one who comes back every day, week, month or every year! The right amusement equipment can enhance their experience and help create that image of fun that keeps them coming back again and again.


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•    The outside of your premises can earn as much as the inside.
•    When it rains be prepared.
•    Consider a Change Machine to double profits.
•    Train the bar staff to give out loose change.
•    Call us today to get the best advice on coin operated equipment.
•    Regularly check your machines to make sure they are always taking money!


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