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What are cookies? They are files stored in your web browser or on your device. They contain alphanumeric data that shares information between you and our website.

We use three different types of cookie. Each cookie has a different role and transfers different types of information, and uses different methods to identify you and your interests.

You can read about all three types of cookie below, and decide whether you'd like to exclude them.

Essential cookies.

These cookies are essential to the operation of our website. They allow you to move around the website and use it for browsing, shopping or reading. If you leave the site and return later, they help the website to remember you and identify what you've looked at or added to your basket. These cookies cannot be turned off and are a condition of continuing to use the site.

Personalisation cookies.

We use these cookies to observe how our visitors use and navigate the website, ensuring that you always get the best user experience and identifying problems in how our website works. They also allow us to monitor how many people are using the site, what they click on and when they leave. These cookies will record your IP address for geographical reasons. These cookies can be turned off.

Remarketing cookies.

These cookies track the actions you take on our website, for example which pages or listings you visit, and which links you follow. We use this to adapt the website to your particular interests, using your actions as an indicator of what you do and don't like - for example, the time you spend on a page, the links you click, the areas of interest for you etc. These cookies may also be shared with third parties so we can serve you with relevant adverts elsewhere on the web. These cookies can be turned off.

By continuing to use our website, you are consenting to us storing cookies on your device and using them. All types of cookies can be removed in your web browser at any time - please research the correct method of deletion for your particular browser. Removed or blocked cookies may affect the functioning of the website during your visit.

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