Liberty Games Gift Vouchers

Don't give the game away! Give them a Liberty Games Gift Voucher instead!

Our Liberty Games Gift Vouchers make the perfect present for anyone with a passion for games. Simply load up a voucher with credit, which can be redeemed against any purchases at, and bask in the warm glow of a great gift well given.

You can add any amount of money to it, from a minimum of £20 to a maximum of £500, to use for complete purchases or to contribute to a larger one. It's the perfect gift for that gamer who's simply impossible to buy for!

Man with gift voucher

Please note all gift vouchers are in phyiscal form and will need to be delivered to the billing address of the cardholder. Vouchers contain a web link as well as a QR code to enable them to be used online.

Current delivery time is in 2 - 3 Working Days

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Order by 11:00am 14th Jun 2024 for delivery on Monday 17th Jun 2024.

How To Use

To use, scan the QR code on your voucher. You will be taken to the Liberty Games website and the Gift Voucher balance will be transferred into your basket ready for your purchase.

Alternatively, use the web link on your voucher to enter the voucher code (number) into the Liberty Games website. You can enter these codes (numbers) in the basket, before checkout. The balance on the card will transfer into your order balance, ready to use on a purchase.

If there is extra balance to pay, you can use a range of payment options in the normal way to pay the difference.

If there is balance left over, this will remain and can be used for future purchases, until the Gift Voucher expires

If unused, your Gift Voucher expires two years after it was bought. If it is used for a purchase which uses only part of the credit on the card, the expiry date will refresh for another two years.

Returning an Item

If you buy an item with our Gift Voucher and decide to return it, your account will be cleared of credit and you will receive a fresh Gift Voucher loaded with the original credit amount in full. We cannot issue refunds in cash.

Vouchers for Business

Our Gift Vouchers make a great marketing tool. Imagine handing these out around the office at Christmas, or using them as incentives for business deals. Contact us to discuss how Gift Vouchers could work for you.

Terms and Conditions

Our gift voucher terms and conditions can be viewed here.

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