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Liberty Games are Official Games Room Suppliers to the X-Factor!

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Today we’re excited to reveal that Liberty Games have been chosen as the official Games Room suppliers to the X-Factor!

As all fans of the show will know when it gets down to the live shows the contestants move in to a nice big house to give them a taste of what to expect from the show-biz life. And what could be better than some awesome games room equipment!

Liberty Games have supplied two of our most popular tables, the Pro American Pool Table and the Aurora Table Football Table.

Although these tables will give your games room a real x-factor of its own, they don’t come at an a-list price. The Aurora Football table is only £395 and the Pro American an even more respectable £349.

However in true showbiz style the x-factor needed the tables “yesterday”, which Liberty Games with our dedicated courier network we more than able to deal with!

So be sure to keep an eye out for these two awesome tables in the weeks to come! Let us know if you spot them!

As always if you have any questions about these two tables, our super-fast white-glove delivery service or even who we think is going to win the x-factor this year just give one of our expert sales advisers a call free on 0800 612 8180.


The X Factor is a registered trademark of FremantleMedia Ltd & Simco Ltd. Based on the television programme ‘The X Factor’ produced by talkbackTHAMES (part of the FremantleMedia Group) and SyCo Tv. Licensed by FremantleMedia Enterprises.

Service-Focus : Customised Table Football Tables

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Customised Table Football TablesOne of the services we’re asked for the most here at Liberty Games is customisation. A lot of companies big or small, and indeed home customers as well, love to get their brand, logo or name on to a piece of games room equipment.

Whether that’s just your partners name, or favourite football team, to make that present extra special, or you want to really wow your clients and staff by having your equipment fully decked out in your brand livery, then Liberty Games are here to help!

Today in particular we’re talking about football table branding. Table football tables lend themselves especially well to this form of customisation for several reasons. Firstly football matches are already well associated with having advertisements alongside the pitch and associated with the game, so having your logo there doesn’t in any way ruin the look of the table – in fact it enhances it!

Secondly the football table is one of the quintessential pieces of games room equipment, by having a football table a company is making a statement about how they operate and treat their staff, but of course you get to keep everything in the comapny style!

I’m sure we don’t need to go on about the benefits! But what you might be suprised at is the cost, this service is less than you may thing, and although each branding case is different, we start from just one table (although up to as many as you like!) and costs start from just £50. If you’re interested in this service all you need to do it give one of our branding specialists a call on 0800 612 8180 and they’ll be able to talk through the various options available and the costs.

Just bear in mind that some foosball tables will lend themselves better to branding than others (ideally you want a table with as much space on the side as possible), two already popular tables we would recommend are:

And don’t forget you can find out more about our other corporate branding tables here:


Product Focus : Spare Table Football Balls

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Table Football Table BallsWe like to run a family-friendly blog here at Liberty Games so i’ll leave any double entendres to one side for now, and just get on with the blog post! Let’s face it table football balls are easily lost, what with being pinged around inside the table at high speeds, they do lend themselves to flying off, never to be seen again…

Still that’s where Liberty Games can help! Admittedly not the easiest thing to find on sale, we’ve actually got one (if not the) largest selection of table football table balls for sale on the internet. Some people we speak to think that a range of these isn’t necessary as they are all the same, which they aren’t. We have both standard balls (which come in varying sizes – more on that in a minute) as well as competition and high control balls (don’t forget that table football is enjoyed competitively the world over).

So if you are looking for replacement balls for a table, the first important consideration is the size of the ball you need. Although there isn’t much in it, and in many cases most balls will fit most tables it is important to check that the balls you are buying are suitable for the table you have.

Liberty Games sell balls ranging from 33-35mm, so for the balls you like the look of you need to check that they will fit in the goal (and any ball return mechanism), as well as not pass completely under the players feet (although this is unlikely).

You will also want to consider the material the balls are made of, most notably with regard to the noise the balls make during play, as well as the playign characteristics of the balls themselves. For example plastic balls will make more noise that cork balls which are more inclined to absorb the sound energy rather than reflect it.

As mentioned before there is also the matter of competition and professional balls, these are what the pros play with! If you are an aspiring amateur or professional foosball player then for a small charge you can learn to play with the very ball used in the world cup and other competition matches, which have their own unique play characteristics.

So there we have it, more to the world of foosball balls than any of us thought! Don’t forget you can check out our entire range right here, and each ball has a full description giving its dimensions and characteristics.

As always if you need any further advice please call one of our table football advisers free on 0800 612 8180.

New range of ITSF Approved Table Football Tables

Friday, February 4th, 2011

International Table Soccer Federation LogoHere at Liberty Games we pride ourselves in being the games room specialists. We always want to have the most complete range of games room equipment on the market, and with that in mind we are proud to launch our new section of table football tables which are all ITSF approved.

The ITSF is the world’s governing body for all things foosball, and amongst others they organise the ITSF World Tour & ITSF World Cup. However in these competitions they don’t let people use any old tables, they must be official ITSF Approved tables, sanctioned by the ITSF for use at world cup, world championships, world championship series, international events, mater series and the pro tour.

There are also ITSF Recognised tables, which have been sanctioned by the ITSF for the practice of table soccer leading to major international competition. Such tables can be used in the ITSF International Series, Master Series and Pro Tour Events.

They don’t let any old tables into these tough categories, they must all meet precise build requirements and prove themselves capable of standing up to the rigours of competition play!

So with that in mind for all you serious foosball players (and budding serious foosball players!) we’ve put our range of ITSF approved tables in our new ITSF Approved Table Football Tables section. At the moment we have six tables that match up to the tough ITSF requirements but we’re working hard behind the scenes to secure more models and hope to have some exciting news for you all very soon!

Until then the tables you will see there are all of excellent quality, sturdy build, everything you would expect from an ITSF approved table. Just the thing to get practicing on before taking on the world!

And don’t forget that as official sponsors of the British Foosball Association for 2010/2011 we are always trying to do everything we can to support the sport in the UK, so if there is anything particular you are looking for from your foosball table, or you have any questions about our foosball tables (ITSF approved or otherwise) just give one of our table football specialists a call on 0800 612 8180.

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Product Focus : The Aurora LED Football Table

Friday, January 28th, 2011

In this blog we like to bring you all the latest and greatest products to hit the shelves here at Liberty Games, however we think its important to also highlight some of our consistent best sellers. To that end today we feature the ever-popular Aurora L.E.D. Table Football Table.

Out of our entire huge range of football tables, the Aurora is consistently either near or at the top of the best seller list. We’ve asked our customers what it is about this table that the like so much, and here are a few of the answers we’ve received:

  • Solid build for a table in this price range
  • L.E.D. lights just look cool!
  • Chrome effect finish
  • Telescopic rods
  • Free delivery

We certainly agree with all these points, in face at this price range we really do think that the Aurora represents near-commercial quality build at a fraction of the price, and that fraction is even smaller at the moment as the table is currently on sale at an amazing £395 delivered!

Don’t forget there is also a video of this table in the product listing so hit up the link at the bottom of this blog post to check it out…

As always if you have any questions about the Aurora or any of our other range of foosball tables just give on of our specialist advisers a call on 0800 612 8180.

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Even more BCE & Riley videos added

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

BCE Riley table sports tablesWe blogged the other day about uploading some videos on the extremely popular BCE / Riley brand of games tables, and if you enjoyed that then we’ve got some great news for you! We’ve got even more videos where they came from!

BCE videosWe’re showing off some more tables from their great space-saving folding range – a real bonus for those of you with limited space but who still want to enjoy the best that pool tables, foosball and air hockey have to offer. We’ve also got some great video of their multi game tables.

Don’t forget that behind Strikeworth BCE are one of the most popular manafaturers of games tables out there, so if you get a chance we’d reccomend checking these videos out.

You can find videos on many other Liberty Games products on our video page.

As always if you have any questions about these tables please contact one of our games table specialists on 0800 612 8180.

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New video of BCE folding range of pool, snooker and football tables

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

BCE Games TablesWe’ve got some great news for those of you who like to see things in action on video before they buy (ok so maybe most people like to see them in action 1st!), we’ve just uploaded a bunch of new videos for the ever popular BCE / Riley range of folding games tables.

BCE Videos

These tables are always extremely popular, especially around Christmas as if you have more limited room for a games tables in your home or business then these tables allow you to conveniently store the table away when its not in use.

We do get a few questions about how the exact mechanism works in terms of folding the table down, which is something hopefully these videos can help answer! You’ll be able to see each table both in play, and being dis-assembled ready for storage so you can see how quick and easy it is for yourself!

Tables we have new videos for are:

We sell hundreds of these extremely popular tables every year, and luckily due to their relatively small size we can get these our right up until Christmas. However stocks have been known to run out so its always a good idea to order early to avoid disappointment!

As always if you have any questions regarding our range of BCE games tables or anything else please give one of the team a call on 0800 612 8180 and we’ll be happy to help.

Tips to keep your Table Football Table in top condition

Monday, September 20th, 2010

slidy spray canI’m sure by know you you that here at Liberty Games we love table football! We sell loads of tables every single day, and we want each and every one of our customers to be completely satisfied with their tables.

We only sell tables which we know to be of a good quality and sturdy build, so they will give you fun for years and years to come. However like everything that has moving parts, after some serious usage it can help to give the moving parts a once over to keep everything in tip-top condition. After all you you wouldn’t drive a car without servicing it.

That’s where our table football slidy spray comes in! A bit of a silly name, but an incredibly useful product… Basically slidy spray is used to lubricate and protect player bars and roller bearings, removing dust and making sure there is a smooth gliding action during play. At only £10.99 its a lot cheaper than replacement rods & players or a new table!

So if you’re having a few issues with your players not moving around as quickly as they used to, or even to pre-emptively keep you table in top condition, we recommend the slidy spray!