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Stern Avengers Pro Pinball Machine

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  • Official licensed pinball from Stern featuring the Marvel superhero team The Avengers
  • Superb brand new pinball with plenty of exciting gameplay features

Video Transcription :

Hi everybody, my name is George Gomez, and I'm going to take you through The Avengers LE.

To begin the game, you've got the ball in the shooter groove. You've got a couple of different things that you can do. There is a variety of skill shots. The most obvious one, the top lanes, plunging hard will get you to the top of the top lanes. You can move the lights around with the flippers. Illuminating all of the top lanes is essentially your multiplier.

You can also short plunge, in which case the ball will come back to the right flipper, and there is a variety of things you can do. You can start one of the features right away, or you can go for a skill shot.

The right ramp on this game does so many different things. It has two levels. It has the Hawkeye level, which allows the ball to cross over on the Hawkeye ramp. When it's working towards Loki multiball, you'll see the ball drop down along the back of the game and come back around to the lock. The three ball lock is right on the ramp. You'll see all the three balls up there for Loki multiball. Loki multiball is essentially lighting the out lanes and the in lanes at the bottom of the game, and that qualifies you to put balls on the ramp and lock them. Once you get all three of them up there, you'll start Loki multiball.

The game is about assembling the Avengers. Consistent with Avengers fiction, the Avengers don't necessarily get along. Every Avenger has four lights associated with them. Captain America has four lights. Hawkeye has four. In the case of Hulk, it's the four drop targets. In the case of Thor it's the four drop targets.

As you make those shots, you advance towards starting that Avengers mode. Making those four shots collects the Avenger. Making any one of the Avenger shots starts an Avenger's mode. Once you finished that mode and you've collected the Avenger, that will illuminate the six Avenger icons at the bottom of the game.

Hulk is started by knocking down the four drop targets and then putting the ball in the Hulk eject. The Hulk eject can be accessed a variety of different ways. You can actually shoot into it off the play field or fall into it off the play field. The for sure way to get into the Hulk eject is when the green arrows are flashing, you make the widow ramp, and the widow ramp's diverter will drop you right into the top of the Hulk eject. We stage the ball there and then we do the big show. Hulk starts getting mad, throws the bridge, and then you're in a six ball multiball ball, which is absolutely action packed.

Prominent on the play field is the Tesseract, the cosmic cube, if you will. Every time you spin it, you build up a score. Once you spell out COSMIC, you're in the Tesseract mode, and you collect the score that you built up by spinning them by making the illuminated shots.

Over on the right side of the play field are the three S.H.I.E.L.D. agents - Coulson, Maria Hill, and Fury. That is a series of awards, which can be collected by hitting the Nick Fury target.

Every Avenger has custom speech. All of the speech was performed by Marvel approved actors. Every Avenger has specific tunes.

Product Description

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Product AboutAbout This Product

THE AVENGERS PRO - Pinball Machine

Manufacturer: Stern

Year of Release: 2013

About the Game:

There is no doubting that the title of King of the Hollywood blockbusters was taken by the Marvel superhero team The Avengers in 2012 - hardly surprising given it combined the fun and excitement of seeing the likes of Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America & Thor team up.

Now you have the opportunity to own the exciting match up of the worlds only manufacturer of brand new pinballs with these exciting super heroes with Stern's The Avengers Pro Pinball Machine!

There are a huge range of targets on this table including ramps, targets, multiball and even a custom-moulded Hulk and you get the workmanship you expect from Stern with a cabinet that features a traditional red LED dot matrix display, incandescent lighting, a traditional styled backbox, black ABS plastic arch and black powder coated front moulding, legs, sides and hinges.

Game Features:
  • Custom moulded, fully decorated Hulk
  • Raging Hulk animated target with magnet and ball interaction
  • A Spinning Tesseract cube target which rewards for lighting the C O S M I C letters
  • Stainless steel launch ramp with a backlit laser-cut Avengers logo
  • Black Widow ramp with a spinning target and a diverter feature
  • A Hawkeye ramp
  • Drop targets that spell out H U L K & standing targets that spell T H O R
  • LOKI multiball featuring a physical 3-ball lock on the right side ramp

Playfield Layout:

Product InformationMore Information

  • We recommend keeping pinball equipment at room temperature for maximum performance
  • Please keep machine free of dust and dirt and allow the start up programme to run fully when switching on
  • Supplied with a 12 month on-site warranty for home use & a 6 month on-site warranty for commercial use


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Product Details
69 cm / 27 inches
140 cm / 55 inches
192 cm / 76 inches
120 kg / 265 lbs
12 Months (Domestic) / 6 Months (Commercial)

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