Strikeworth TriSport 4 foot Multi Games Table

3 games on 1 rotating multi games table!

  • 3 great games in 1 - football, pool & air hockey
  • Rotating design changes game in seconds
  • Free accessories included for ALL games
  • Excellent value for money
  • A superb space saving game

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Strikeworth Junior Air Hockey Accessory Pack

Strikeworth Junior Air Hockey Accessory Pack [ £19.99 ]

A spare air hockey set for your table

Strikeworth Red Air Hockey Puck - 50mm diameter

Strikeworth Red Air Hockey Puck - 50mm diameter [ £9.99 ]

Spare Air Hockey Pucks for your table

Pioneer Billiard Pro Chalk (12 Pieces)

Pioneer Billiard Pro Chalk (12 Pieces) [ £4.95 ]

Spare chalk for your table

Strikeworth Red Air Hockey Pusher - 75mm Diameter

Strikeworth Red Air Hockey Pusher - 75mm Diameter [ £12.99 ]

Spare Air Hockey Pushers for your table

Strikeworth 31mm Black and White Football Table Balls

Strikeworth 31mm Black and White Football Table Balls [ £11.99 ]

Additional football balls Ideal for this table

Regent 48'' One Piece Pool Cue

Regent 48'' One Piece Pool Cue [ £23.99 ]

Upgrade your cues to enhance the game

Wall Mounted Cue Rack For 6 Cues (Black)

Wall Mounted Cue Rack For 6 Cues (Black) [ £21.99 ]

Keep the cues tidy with this matching black rack

Regent 36'' One Piece Pool Cue

Regent 36'' One Piece Pool Cue [ £24.99 ]

Short 3ft cue for kids or tight playing areas

Slidy Spray 200ml Bottle (2A2-12)

Slidy Spray 200ml Bottle (2A2-12) [ £15.55 ]

Keep the rods moving smoothly

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Video Transcription :

If you're looking for a neat, compact, great value multi games table for your family then the TriSport is well worth a look.

The Strikeworth TriSport is only rotating multi games table on the market to incorporate a football table into the mix, where other tables require the user to continuously lift the different games on and off, the TriSport uses an innovate pyramid structure keeping things fast, tidy and simple.

3 of the most popular table games can be played on the tri sport but none of them compromise on quality. Looking at the football table, you will notice that the game uses a standard UK player layout set up on safety telescopic rods (this means the rods stay within the confines of the play field). The pitch has raised corners to ensure the ball remains in constant play and doesn't settle on to any flat spots. You will also see sliding scoring units above each goal mouth to keep track of the match.

The air hockey table looks and plays extremely well, the game benefits from a strong 240v fan that forces jets of air through over 800 perforations in the playfield. The air cushion allows the puck to float seamlessly over the surface for a fast and accurate game. Once again you will find sliding scoring units above each goal mouth to keep track of who's winning.

Finally there is the ever popular pool table; being a 4ft playfield, the balls have been scaled down to the appropriate size and the cushions are built up using a high grade rubber to produce an impressive rebound. The pool pockets have nets to catch the balls and allow easy retrieval at the end of the game.

The TriSport comes with all the accessories you will need for each game, for the air hockey you get x2 velvet protected pushers and x2 red pucks, the pool table side comes with x2 cues, a triangle, a pool ball set, chalk and a brush. Finally for the football table the game is supplied with two 31mm black and white plastic balls.

If you have any further questions about the TriSport table please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff on 0800 612 8180.

The Trisport rotating multi games table

Compact, Rotating Multi Games Table

The TriSport brings three games tables into the mix. Changing games is fast and easy thanks to the unique triangular rotating system. Go from pool to air hockey to foosball in seconds.

At just four feet in length, this is an extremely compact games table. Light enough for two people to move, it takes up very little space in a corner, ready to be brought out when it's time for a game.

Pool table cloth and pocket on the TriSport multi games table

Fully-Equipped Pool Table

The pool table's durable cloth is fitted over the MDF bed. High-grade rubber cushions provide the rebound, and six drop pockets, with nets for easy ball retrieval, are your targets.

This pool table, at just 4ft in length, is perfect for families or children to enjoy. The included spots n' stripes ball set has been scaled down to suit the table size, and each ball is 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

The Trisport's air hockey playfield

Fast, Exciting Air Hockey

On the air hockey table, a mains-powered fan provides plenty of airflow which is pushed up through perforations in the play surface. This cushion of air allows the puck to float, and to travel very fast on the almost-frictionless surface.

The white pitch is fully marked and is surrounded with a rail that gives a very lively rebound. Manual scorers by each goal allow you to keep track of the score. When not in use, the mains power cable retracts inside the table body for neat storage.

The football table on the Trisport features telescopic rods

Fun Foosball Pitch

The table football playfield has been built with all the knowledge and experience Strikeworth has gained with its dedicated foosball tables. Molded plastic players are mounted on telescopic safety rods and arranged in the standard 1-2-5-3 formation.

The pitch is green in colour, with markings and a central ball entry port. The corners of the pitch are raised to keep the ball rolling, and scorers are mounted by each goal.

The Trisport games table locks into place after rotation

The Most Versatile Games Table On The Market

The TriSport's unique pyramid-shaped cabinet is mounted into a metal frame. It rotates on a central spindle and is locked in place with a chunky hand screw, for excellent stability. The feet are threaded and can be adjusted to achieve a perfectly level surface.

With its clever rotating playfield, compact dimensions and light weight, this table is perfect for the family home. And with three great games to play, the TriSport never gets dull.

Key Features

  • Rotating, pyramid-shaped multi games table.
  • Swap between pool, air hockey and table football in seconds.
  • Curved metal leg structure for increased durability.
  • Great space saving design.
  • Air hockey playfield with white low-friction surface, scorers & mains-powered fan.
  • Pool table with blue cloth, responsive cushions & net pockets.
  • Foosball table with 1-2-5-3 player formation, telescopic rods, manual scorers & raised playfield corners.
  • Levelling feet - ensures the playing surface remains perfectly level.
  • Includes free accessories for each game.
  • Includes a 12-month manufacturer's warranty.
Free pool table accessories supplied with the Amalfi pool and dining table

Free Accessories

The TriSport is supplied with two cues, a set of 1 1/2-inch spots n' stripes balls, chalk, a triangle and a rail brush for the pool table.

For the air hockey playfield, two red pushers and two red pucks are included.

Two black and white foosballs are provided for your game of table football.

John Virgo endorses the Trisport multi games table

    More Information

  • Delivered as a boxed item - requires assembly (instructions included).
  • As product evolves, exact cabinet style may vary.
  • Assembly instructions updated February 2016.
  • Box dimensions: 118.5 x 78 x 16.5cm / weight 43kg.
  • Suitable for home use.
  • Mains power required for air hockey fan.
  • Fan is CE/RoSH compliant.
Full 12 Month Warranty on Games Tables


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Overall Customer Rating:
General Appearance
4.5 / 5
Build Quality / Sturdiness
4.75 / 5
Ease of Use
4.5 / 5
Standard of Play
4.5 / 5
Speed to Change Game
4.75 / 5
Quality of Free Accessories
4.75 / 5
Reviews by

4.7 out of 5 customer rating

3 of 3 (100%) reviewers who specified a preference would recommend this product to a friend

Product Reviews

Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Jenny Flower

Friday 6th January 2017

Great product Good assembly instructions. Easy to turn from game to game Not too small for adults. Good fun
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: matk lee

Wednesday 4th January 2017

Very sturdy and well made.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Mark Jagroop

Monday 11th April 2016

The table is top quality and great fun for the kids and adults. Good sturdy build quality and my boys have had hours of fun, rather than sitting on their computer games. Well worth the money and not comparable with similar products as this stands ahead by a mile. I would suggest to watch through the video and take your time with the assembly.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Magi Berry

Thursday 31st March 2016

Brilliant table, well built, easy enough to assemble. My two boys aged 8 and 10 love it and can't keep the older son(22) off it either. Well worth the money
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: S Eastell

Saturday 19th December 2015

Perfect service, thank you so much
Customer Rating:
General Appearance
4 / 5
Build Quality / Sturdiness
5 / 5
Ease of Use
4 / 5
Standard of Play
4 / 5
Speed to Change Game
4 / 5
Quality of Free Accessories
5 / 5
This customer would recommend this product

Reviewed by: Brian Lawton

Wednesday 19th August 2015

Gender: Male

Family size: Small Family

Got this for the kids play room - must admit I was attracted mostly to the fact it's 3 games on one table over the looks, etc. Put aside a bit of time to put it together and you'll have a sturdy kids games table that mine certainly use daily. I must admit I think this is better than I expected - it's really easy to change between the tops.
Customer Rating:
General Appearance
5 / 5
Build Quality / Sturdiness
5 / 5
Ease of Use
5 / 5
Standard of Play
5 / 5
Speed to Change Game
5 / 5
Quality of Free Accessories
5 / 5
This customer would recommend this product

Reviewed by: Chloe Altringham

Friday 22nd May 2015

Gender: Female

Age: 25-34

Family size: Small Family

I bought this table for my young children and have not been disappointed. All of the games have good quality accessories included and it is easy to switch between them. I spoke to a lovely sales team member who talked me through the table. Great company, I would buy from them again!
Customer Rating:
General Appearance
4 / 5
Build Quality / Sturdiness
4 / 5
Ease of Use
4 / 5
Standard of Play
4 / 5
Speed to Change Game
5 / 5
Quality of Free Accessories
4 / 5
This customer would recommend this product

Reviewed by: L Fish

Friday 18th October 2013

Gender: Female

Age: 25-34

Family size: Large Family

It was our twins birthday so we thought we'd treat them to a game, my husband suggested a pool table but while browsing online I noticed this table, which for the price gave them a couple of extra games. Table as delivered quickly as advertised, wasn't too horrendous to put together, and has been serving the kids well ever since.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Owen Baker

Friday 27th September 2013

Just received my TriSport table (which I had on pre-order) and I have to say I'm very impressed. The table was fine to put together and for the value you really can't grumble - it's 3 games (pool, air hockey, foosball) so less than £100 a game. I've always liked tables of this design, often seen them in the movies but have been hard to find over here, so when I saw this one I snapped it up - looks good in the kids play room, and they seem to enjoy playing it as well which I suppose is the main thing.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Renee Shah

Wednesday 1st March 2017

The securing mechanism is difficult and instructions could have been better. There was a bit of trial and error putting it together.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Anon Customer

Sunday 8th January 2017

The table is quite good and overall I would say it's value for money based on the players being children between 8-12, however the overall quality if you wanted a very good experience in any of the 3 games is slightly compromised because the levelling is based on how we'll the pre-drilled fixings are levelled which aren't 100% perfect, the steal that holds the table together and supports the turning action is not 100% square. The centre spinning axle would benenfit from be a solid bar across the entire table and being squared off with the two boards that hold the steal frame together.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: David Kelly

Monday 26th December 2016

Bought this for my 3 daughters aged 13, 11, and 7 who wanted a football table. I chose the tri-sport as it gave another two options (pool & proper air hockey) & looked easy to flip from one game to the next. The girls built it in around 2 hours with a tiny bit of help. It's very sturdy and game change is very easy although we have to watch the football poles don't catch on the bottom plinth when we turn it -could do with another cm clearance to be perfect. They've played all three games and are thrilled with it. They especially love the air hockey as it generates air so the puck slides speedily. The lead for the plug isn't very long but that's soon sorted with an extension. There's also nowhere to store the balls, pucks etc etc but we'll find a box. Overall a great purchase that looks like it'll last reasonably well and hopefully enjoyed for a number of years.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Simon Spurr

Sunday 20th November 2016

Good features in terms of space occupied. Allow at least 2 hours with two people to put it together (the main frame is not a one person job..). Build quality OK - some bits of imperfect trim and quality of surface e.g. air hockey suggests that could wear quickly with heavy use but at the price point this is to be expected - if it lasts 2 - 3 years then fine. Football and pool are great. Air hockey the cushion of air is a bit mediocre and nothing like a 'grow up' version found in an arcade but again being realistic it is fine for the cost.

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Width84 cm / 33 inches
Height82 cm / 32 inches
Weight41 kg / 90 lbs
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Shipping Width80 cm / 31 inches
Shipping Height24 cm / 9 inches
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