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Pool Accessories

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Pool Cues

Pool cues for British pool in various sizes & designs. Choose the ideal cue for your game, table & games room.

Our range of pool cues includes versions for professionals, amateurs & children.

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Pool Balls

Replacement balls & upgrade for your British table. Different styles, colours, sizes & more.

Choose reds & yellows, spots & stripes or other colours from top brands including Aramith.

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American Pool Balls

Ball sets for American pool tables. Buy as spares, upgrades or just for fun.

Lots of different colours available in various sizes. Give your table a new lease of life.

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Pool Chalk

Pool chalk in various colours for your cue. Top brands including Pioneer, Triangle & Silver Cup.

Choose from a range of cue chalks. Also includes a range of convenient chalk holders.

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Pool Cue Racks

Keep your games room tidy with a cue rack. Wall-mounted & free-standing racks to store your cues.

Choose the best version for your games room, with plenty of different styles & specs.

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Pool Cue Rests

Extend your reach with a purpose-made cue rest. Suitable for pool & snooker players on all tables.

Cue rests sit on the table & allow a longer reach with the cue. Pot those far-away shots with ease.

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Pool Table Lights

Strong, focused light for billiard tables. Designed to hang over your table & illuminate the game.

Shadow-free, vivid lighting for pool & snooker tables of all sizes. For professional games rooms.

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Accessory Packs

Hand-picked accessory sets for table owners. Get the best out of your game with these great extras.

Packs include cues, diamonds, table spots, rests, covers & much more.

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Pool Table Trolleys & Lifts

Easily lift & move your pool table. Designed to easily lift & roll with your table on top.

Moving a pool table needn't be hard. Use a purpose-made trolley & make life easy for yourself.

Shop Pool Table Trolleys & Lifts for Sale

Pool Cue Cases

A range of hard & soft cases for cues of all sizes. Keep your cue safe & protected when out & about.

Pool cues need to be protected when being carried. Avoid accidental damage by keeping yours in a case.

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Pool Triangles & Diamonds

Pool table triangles for all popular ball sizes. Also includes diamonds for 9-ball pool.

Replace your plastic triangle, or upgrade to an attractive wooden version to suit your table.

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Pool Table Covers & Tops

Protect your table from sunlight, liquid spills & dust. In a range of sizes to fit your table perfectly.

Sunlight can fade your pool cloth, leaving it looking drab. Keep it bright by using a cover.

Shop Pool Table Covers & Tops

Cloth Care & Recovering

Repair or replace your pool cloth. Various products for cloth repair & cleaning.

Replace the cloth on your table in any colour you like. Ensure your table plays as good as it looks.

Shop Cloth Care & Recovering

Table Bowls

A new game for your pool or snooker table. Miniature bowls to be played on billiard table cloth.

Table bowls are a fun way to introduce a totally new game to your games room.

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Spare Parts & Maintenance

Parts for the repair & maintenance of pool equipment. Keep your table well-maintained & working perfectly.

Our spare parts allow pool table owners to carry out service & repair work at home.

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American Pool Cues

American pool cues with wider tips. The best cues for the game of American pool.

Find a brand new cue & be the envy of the pool team. In a range of sizes & finish options.

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