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Champion Bank Shot Shuffleboard Table

  • Ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Exciting rebound play style.
  • Nine feet in total length.
  • Optional electronic scoreboard.
  • Includes accessories & delivery.

In Stock - Delivered in 15 - 16 Weeks (After Govt Restrictions Lifted)


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Product Description

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The Champion shuffleboard logo on a table

Special Rebound Shuffleboard Table

No room for a full-size shuffleboard? The Champion Bank Shot could be the answer! At just 7ft in length it's much smaller than most shuffleboards, and will fit in the footprint of a 7ft pool table.

The Bank Shot can do this because it has a special playfield, separated into two halves with a central divider. This is a table built for rebound shuffleboard, in which players bounce their pucks off the back wall with an accurate shot. But how do you play rebound shuffleboard?

The playfield on the Bank Shot shuffleboard table

Learn Clever Rebound Shots

Scoring on a rebound shuffleboard table is similar to its conventional siblings. Pucks are gently slid down a low-friction playfield towards the scoring zone, picking up points according to where they stop. The playfield is made from premium maple timber, and is finished with Champion's class-leading polymer surface treatment. But there's a big difference.

There's a whole new dimension to rebound shuffleboard. In order to make a more compact table, the rebound shuffleboard playfield is divided into two halves. Slide your puck from one side and bounce it off the back wall, into the Handicap Scoring zone on the other side.

Pucks on the Grand Champion shuffleboard table

Wide, Divided Playfield

The cradle and leg assembly are made from solid maple timber, built at the Champion factory in the USA. Reinforced bumpers on the table corners protect it from accidental knocks, keeping the Bank Shot looking fantastic. Each foot is fitted with an adjuster for levelling.

A popular optional extra on the Bank Shot is the scoreboard at the back. Choose your preferred style and add yours using the menu above. The level of finishing on this table, just like all of Champion's tables, is unmatched.

Choose From a Wide Range of Finishes

The Bank Shot can be built in a variety of different finish combinations, including Honey Inlays in Maple, which is shown in the main listing image. With some delightful detailing along the sides of the cabinet and the legs, this finish beautifully shows off the Bank Shot's style.

Browse the rest of the finish options below and choose your favourite. You can also have your company logo or other design added to the playfield during manufacture - just contact us to ask about this.

Champion shuffleboard logo
Champion shuffleboard accessories

Accessories Included

Your table will arrive with a shuffleboard accessory pack, so you can start playing straight away. It includes eight pucks, 24 packs of Speed Powder, a special Board Wipe, a Maintenance Kit and 12 cans of Silicon Spray.

Installation and levelling is included in the price for all our Champion tables. Shuffleboard specialists will built, install and level your table and prepare it for play, so all you have to do is prepare to start your first game.

Key Features

  • Special Rebound Shuffleboard table.
  • Short, wide playfield with central divider.
  • Solid maple cradle & legs.
  • Canadian maple playfield with low-friction polymer coating.
  • Champion's patented Handicap Scoring system.
  • 20-year warranty on wood, playfield & polymer.
  • Includes delivery, installation & levelling.

What is Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is a unique game, sharing elements of curling, bowling and petanque. Players slide their pucks up a long, near-frictionless playfield with meticulous precision, scoring points for accuracy.

Since the 1940s it has become very popular in the USA, and more recently it's being played in the UK in bars, venues and homes.

Shuffleboard tables in a trendy bar
How to score in shuffleboard

How to Score in Rebound Shuffleboard

Like conventional shuffleboard, you push your puck firmly up the table so that it slides along the play surface. In rebound shuffleboard, you bounce the puck off the back wall and back into the scoring zone, which is divided into points bands.

Each team has four pucks. As with conventional shuffleboard, you should aim for the highest score possible whilst attempting to push your opponent's pucks out of the scoring zone or even off the table entirely.

Shooting on a rebound shuffleboard table
Champion shuffleboard logo

About Champion Shuffleboards

Champion Shuffleboards have been produced in Richland Hills, Texas, for over 30 years. It's the world's biggest shuffleboard brand. Expert craftsmen make each table by hand, applying the Champion polymer finish - the first polymer playfield finish in the world.

The brand is considered the world's number one for quality, gameplay and longevity. Another table in the range, the Grand Champion, is Europe's best-selling shuffleboard table, and the 22ft version is used in the European Championships.

Each table is made from quality materials and styled by experienced designers. Whether for your home, your commercial venue or any other space, by buying Champion you know you're buying the very best.

Need some help? Take a look at our Shuffleboard Buying Advice

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Your shuffleboard table will be delivered and installed by a specialist team to a ground floor location.

This item will be dispatched according to the normal lead time when Government restrictions are lifted, and manufacturers and suppliers return to work.


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