Champion Rustic Shuffleboard Table

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  • Solid oak timber cradle & legs.
  • Polymer-treated, low-maintenance playfield.
  • Lifetime warranty on playfield.
  • Champion's patented handicap scoring.
  • Five sizes to choose from.

Product Description

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The Champion shuffleboard logo on a table

Attractive, Classic Styling

Own a piece of oldtime USA with the Rustic shuffleboard table. This tournament-standard table, made in America, combines all of Champion's shuffleboard experience with an unusual, striking design.

The legs and crossbeam braces have been modelled on old railroad trestles. With chunky, metal brace mounts and real oak timber construction, it's equally at home whether in an East London pub or an alpine cabin.

The leg braces on the Rustic shuffleboard table

Choose From a Range of Sizes

The Rustic's cradle and legs are built entirely in solid oak timbers. This makes the table tough and long-lasting, and also stable and resistant to warping. Add a scoreboard to your table to display the current score to players and spectators.

Choose from a range of sizes, each a high-performance gaming platform in its own right. From the smallest 12ft right up to the tournament-sized 22ft, you can select the perfect table for your space without compromising on game quality.

Pucks on the Grand Champion shuffleboard table

Concaved Low-Friction Playfield

The playfield is made in solid maple, three inches thick and 20 wide. It's been treated with Champion's special polymer surface, which gives the smoothest glides. The playfield has a concave profile which helps to keep pucks in play, guiding them along the length of the table.

This table uses Champion's patented Handicap Scoring system. This is designed to handicap experienced players, giving novices more of a chance.

The oak finish on the Rustic shuffleboard

Elegant Rustic Gray Stain

The Rustic is available in the Rustic Gray On Oak finish. This is a distressed, rock-like colour with unique imperfections visible in the wood grain. Like a fingerprint, no two Rustic Gray shuffleboards are the same.

It really suits modern, bright surroundings, and those games rooms or bars with a contemporary feel. And if you think it looks good in the pictures, wait 'til you see it in the flesh.

Champion shuffleboard accessories

Accessories Included

You'll receive a complete accessory pack with your table, including everything you'll need to get started and play a game.

Your table arrives with 8 x pucks, 1 x Powder, 1 x Silicone Spray and 1 x Board Wipe.

Key Features

  • Unique shuffleboard table in seven sizes.
  • Contemporary leg design based on railroad trestles.
  • Solid oak cradle & legs.
  • Canadian maple playfield with low-friction polymer coating.
  • Champion's patented Handicap Scoring system.
  • 20-year warranty on wood, playfield & polymer.
  • Includes delivery, installation & levelling.

What is Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is a unique game, sharing elements of curling, bowling and petanque. Players slide their pucks up a long, near-frictionless playfield with meticulous precision, scoring points for accuracy.

Since the 1940s it has become very popular in the USA, and more recently it's being played in the UK in bars, venues and homes.

Shuffleboard tables in a trendy bar
How to score in shuffleboard

How to Score in Shuffleboard

In shuffleboard, you push your puck firmly up the table so that it slides along the play surface. At the far end is the scoring zone. The closer your puck gets to the end, the higher your score - but be careful not to push it off the table entirely.

Each player or team starts with four pucks. Skilled players will aim for the opponent's pucks, bouncing them off the table or using them as a brake. It's a cool-headed, tactical and exciting game, packed with suspense. Click the graphic on the left to expand and read more.

Champion shuffleboard logo

About Champion Shuffleboards

Champion Shuffleboards have been produced in Richland Hills, Texas, for over 30 years. It's the world's biggest shuffleboard brand. Expert craftsmen make each table by hand, applying the Champion polymer finish - the first polymer playfield finish in the world.

The brand is considered the world's number one for quality, gameplay and longevity. Another table in the range, the Grand Champion, is Europe's best-selling shuffleboard table, and the 22ft version is used in the European Championships.

Each table is made from quality materials and styled by experienced designers. Whether for your home, your commercial venue or any other space, by buying Champion you know you're buying the very best.

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