Champion Venetian Shuffleboard Table

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  • Classically-styled shuffleboard.
  • Range of sizes & finishes.
  • Unmatched tournament-standard performance.
  • Special polymer playfield treatment.
  • Includes installation, delivery & accessories.

Product Description

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Detail of a Champion shuffleboard playfield

Traditionally-Styled Shuffleboard

The Venetian shuffleboard table gets its name from the traditional, elegant style of furniture that originated in Venice. Such furniture is easily to recognise, with subtle, swooping curves and beautiful accents - and the Venetian is no different.

But it isn't made just for looking at. Inside the cradle is a truly modern playfield, which uses all of Champion's 30-year experience in shuffleboard manufacture to create a world-class play experience.

The leg braces on the Venetian shuffleboard table

Original Venetian Design

The Venetian's silhouette is quite beautiful, with a solid maple cradle supported by curved, cross-braced legs. Each is produced in Champion's factory in the USA by skilled craftsmen, making the quality control on these tables the best in the business.

The timbers used in construction are hand-picked for quality before being prepared, assembled and finished. Each Champion table undergoes a rigorous inspection process before dispatch, to ensure your total peace of mind.

Pucks on the Grand Champion shuffleboard table

Patented Handicap Scoring

The playfield is where the magic really happens. The very finest cuts of maple are joined, honed and shaped, before being precisely flattened and then treated with a coat of Champion's own polymer, which protects the playfield and helps it retain its low-friction qualities.

On the playfield you'll see the patented Handicap Scoring system, which is unique to Champion. This is designed to help novice players compete with more experienced players, by handicapping the experts and levelling the field.

Deep Millcreek Finish

The Venetian comes as standard in one of Champion's house finishes; Millcreek on Maple. This dark woodstain complements the classic styling and matches the curves and details in the cabinet itself.

You can also order your table in another finish. Take your pick from the swatch below, and select it in the dropdown menu. Whatever you choose, you can be sure it'll be finished to the same high standards as the rest of the range.

Champion shuffleboard logo
Champion shuffleboard accessories

Includes Delivery, Installation & Accessories

Included in the price are accessories. You get two sets of four pucks, as well as shuffleboard powder, silicon spray and a wipe to keep your playfield really pristine.

The delivery team will assemble your table completely, getting it perfectly level and ready to play. They'll also show you how to use the climatic adjusters and how to take good care of your table.

Key Features

  • Traditionally-styled shuffleboard table.
  • Elegant Venetian design.
  • Solid maple timber cradle & legs for durability & strength.
  • Maple playfield with special polymer coating.
  • Champion's patented Handicap Scoring system.
  • Easy-maintenance climatic adjusters.
  • 20-year warranty on wood, playfield & polymer.
  • Includes delivery, installation & levelling.

What is Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is a unique game, sharing elements of curling, bowling and petanque. Players slide their pucks up a long, near-frictionless playfield with meticulous precision, scoring points for accuracy.

Since the 1940s it has become very popular in the USA, and more recently it's being played in the UK in bars, venues and homes.

Shuffleboard game in a bar
How to score in shuffleboard

How to Score in Shuffleboard

In shuffleboard, you push your puck firmly up the table so that it slides along the play surface. At the far end is the scoring zone. The closer your puck gets to the end, the higher your score - but be careful not to push it off the table entirely.

Each player or team starts with four pucks. Skilled players will aim for the opponent's pucks, bouncing them off the table or using them as a brake. It's a cool-headed, tactical and exciting game, packed with suspense. Click the graphic on the left to expand and read more.

Champion shuffleboard logo

About Champion Shuffleboards

Champion Shuffleboards have been produced in Richland Hills, Texas, for over 30 years. It's the world's biggest shuffleboard brand. Expert craftsmen make each table by hand, applying the Champion polymer finish - the first polymer playfield finish in the world.

The brand is considered the world's number one for quality, gameplay and longevity. Another table in the range, the Grand Champion, is Europe's best-selling shuffleboard table, and the 22ft version is used in the European Championships.

Each table is made from quality materials and styled by experienced designers. Whether for your home, your commercial venue or any other space, by buying Champion you know you're buying the very best.

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