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The Novotable

The Ultimate In Home Entertainment

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Introducing the

Novotable - total entertainment table



Once in a blue moon a product is born that soars above the competition. If you are a person who loves to be entertained, never settles for second best, and always wants the most mind blowing technology at your fingertips, the NOVOTABLE will become your obsession.

The Novotable has been designed for the perfectionist and makes other entertainment tables look like cheap alternatives. In its simplest form the Novotable is a home casino, a multi play ‘arcade quality’ gaming device, a touch screen Jukebox and a wireless multimedia centre.



             This futuristic, interactive games table incorporates a huge 32” LCD touch screen, the latest Shuttle PC and a choice of built in games console. Gamers can relive the thrill of their favourite arcade games in glorious picture size and audio supremacy. The built in subwoofer and internal speaker systems transform the table into a cutting edge stand alone Jukebox complete with mood enhancing base mounted LED array.



The Novotable is simply a hub of potential. Nearly every modern day requirement can be achieved all in one place and with the superb ease created by the touch screen technology. The high spec 'Gaming' versions of the Novotable have built in tuners allowing its owners to watch television streams through the table.

The build quality is second to none. The stainless steel user interface combined with the metallic paint finish creates a real sense of quality. The structure and size of the table provides a unique focal point for owners to entertain around, have drinks and food on, and display anything the owner desires. All the while, the table will provide continuous entertainment from watching the match to thumping out the latest tunes through the jukebox software.


Your Choices

There is only one thing required to cutomise your Novotable and that is the choice between having the Playstation 2 or the Xbox 360 as your built in games console. NB. If you would like to provide your own gaming console you can specify your Novotable to come without a built in console.




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