AtGames Legends Pinball 4KP - The Addams Family™

Full-Size Virtual Pinball Machine with Multiple Games in One Cabinet

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  • True 4K, 60fps virtual pinball action.
  • 15 games preloaded & 100s more to buy.
  • Access the whole AtGames online ecosystem.
  • Three video screens - playfield, backbox & DMD.
  • With exclusive 30cm machine topper.

Product Description

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The Ultimate Customisable Virtual Pinball

Step right this way for the creepiest, kookiest pinball machine ever! It's the AtGames Legends 4K Virtual Pinball, and it's here to send chills up your spine. Experience virtual pinball like never before, with fast, fluid graphics, an expandable game list and a truly customisable gaming experience - all within the AtGames ecosystem.

The Legends 4K™ is the next-gen AtGames pinball machine. Nearly every aspect has been upgraded and beefed up over the original Legends Pinball. Now you've got true 4K resolution at 60fps in the playfield, plus a dynamic backglass screen with built-in VIBS dynamic backboard art, and even a micro 8-inch DMD simulation. Virtual pinball has never been so real!

Artwork on the AtGames Addams Family Pinball.

15 Preloaded Games Plus Hundreds to Download

The headline game on this machine is The Addams Family™, the iconic Bally pinball game that originally launched in the 1990s. Widely acclaimed as being among the finest pinballs ever made, it's the flagship title and a fantastic way to discover the best of 4K virtual pinball. Dance the Mamushka - the dance of brotherly love - and encounter Cousin It, Uncle Fester and all your favourite characters.

But that's not all! Crammed into the Legends 4K™'s cobwebby crevices are 14 more pinball games, including Amazonia, Pool Champion Deluxe, Red Show Deluxe and more. Click the icon here to see all 15 included games.

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However, like all AtGames devices, the Legends 4K™ really shines when it's connected to the web and customised. Create an AtGames account and access 4K PinballNet, a subscription service that allows you to access over 140 classic pinball games. And we include your first two months' subscription with your purchase - absolutely free! And if that's not enough choice, you can set up an AppStoreX account and choose from hundreds and hundreds of Legends 4K™ game packs to purchase. With all this choice, your pinball will never, ever get boring.

Buttons on the Addams Family 4K.

32-inch 4K 60fps Playfield Screen

The Legends 4K™ boasts the most advanced technology in any AtGames virtual pinball. It's driven by a Rockchip 3588 CPU with 64GB storage for super-fast processing. The three screens, including that monster 32-inch 4K 60fps playfield monitor, the 23.8-inch HD backglass and the 8-inch HD DMD, are managed via an internal low-latency switchboard, which allows external PC access through three HDMI ports. This means you can connect your own PC and play games from your personal virtual pinball collection smoothly, speedily and exactly as they're meant to be played - right here on the Legends 4K™.

3.5-inch stereo speakers ensure the Legends 4K™'s spookiest sound effects will make you jump right out of your skin! The main cabinet and its included topper are decorated in The Addams Family™ graphics, with a smooth finish that's shinier than Fester Addams' head. Two buttons on either side are your flipper and nudge buttons, and a numbered plaque is fitted to the machine so you can see exactly where in the series yours was manufactured. A built-in accelerometer enables authentic nudge and tilt control. The Addams Family™ is a leap forward in virtual pinball gaming, and a worthy installation in any kooky games room!

The Atgames Control Panel upgrade.

Customise & Upgrade!

The Legends 4K™ is a fully-equipped virtual pinball, ready to play. But there are some fun upgrades available to enhance your experience. The first is the control panel kit. This set of arcade controls mounts seamlessly into your Legends 4K™ cabinet and gives you conventional arcade controls. You can use the joystick and fire buttons to play almost anything, but it's particularly suited to 1980s vertical-layout arcade games like Pac-Man. Read more about the AtGames Control Panel here.

The Surround Sound Feedback Kit is an electronics upgrade comprising of four 'sound exciters' and a powerful subwoofer. All are mounted within the cabinet, and provide real surround sound. This means you can actually follow the sound of the ball as it moves around the playfield. The kit also creates a tactile feedback effect, meaning that the player can feel vibrations and impacts as part of the game. You can either order a loose SSF Kit to install yourself, or have your kit preinstalled by our technicians before delivery.

Please note that a good level of technical proficiency is necessary to install the SSF kit. If you order a preinstalled SSF kit, please be aware that this can extend delivery time by up to 10 days. Read more about the AtGames SSF Kit here .

Key Features

  • True 4K multigame virtual pinball machine.
  • Preloaded with 15 games including The Addams Family™.
  • Three video screens including 32-inch 4K 60fps playfield, 23.8-inch dynamic backglass & 8-inch DMD simulation.
  • Fully internet-ready for connection to AtGames services.
  • Two months' PinballNet subscription included with your machine for instant access to AtGames pinball packs.
  • Compatible with AppStoreX for hundreds more games to buy.
  • External PC connection via 3 low-latency HDMI ports.
  • Powerful Rockchip 3588 CPU with 64GB storage.
  • Two 3.5-inch stereo speakers.
  • With unique numbered edition plaque & exclusive 30cm-high machine topper.
  • Built-in, integrated VIBS backboard display.
  • Online leaderboards & software updates via internet.
  • Flipper & nudge buttons on each side.
  • Built-in accelerometer.
  • Real plunger ball launch action.
  • Suitable for players of all ages.
  • One year's warranty.
  • Optional upgrades: Arcade Control Panel & Surround Sound Feedback Kit.

More Info

  • The Legends 4K™ will arrive in two boxes.
    • Box 1 dimensions: 109.5cm x 54.5cm x 55.5cm. Weight 37.7kg.
    • Box 2 dimensions: 68cm x 33cm x 82cm. Weight 25.2kg.
  • Some assembly required.
  • Internet connection via Wifi or network cable is required.
  • The Addams Family™ is a trademark of Tee and Charles Addams Foundation. ©2022-2024 Tee and Charles Addams Foundation. Game Code ©2021-2024 Zen Studios Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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Reviewed by: Stuart Nester

Monday 17th June 2024

Option Purchased - Surround Sound Feedback Kit : Add Self-Install SSF Kit, Arcade Control Panel : No Control Panel

Brilliant machine. Well built. Very entertaining. Great selection of tables.


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110 cm (43 516 inches)
59 cm (23 14 inches)
200 cm (78 34 inches)
55.3 kg (122 lbs)
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12-month warranty

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2 votes
Can the marquee at the top of the back board be removed?
Yes it can be detached.
Asked by Giles. Answered by Joe on 12th April 2024

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