AtGames Legends Micro Virtual Pinball Machine

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  • Compact tabletop virtual pinball machine.
  • Connect with all of AtGames' online services.
  • Includes 50 preloaded games to get you started.
  • Expand with ArcadeNet, BYOG & much more.
  • Link with your PC to stream your games collection.
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Product Description

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The Connected & Condensed Pinball Arcade

So you want a virtual pinball machine - but you don't have the space for the AtGames Legends Pinball? The answer is the awesome Legends Micro! It's just as much fun as its larger sibling, with the same great connectivity, access to AtGames' online services and content, and of course that lightning-fast 60fps gameplay. But it's small enough to go where the Legends Pinball just can't!

Get right into the action with the 50 included tables, all faithfully modelled on real pinball machines. You can play 8 massive titles from Taito, and 42 great games from Zaccaria. But the Legends Micro really comes into its own when connected to the internet and customised. You can build your own library of pinball games, and have an entire arcade's worth of legendary pinball machines sat on your dining table!

With 50 Games Included & Countless More to Download

As soon as you switch the machine on, you'll be able to play any of the preloaded games. With 42 titles from Zaccaria, the famed Italian pinball manufacturer, plus eight classic games from industry giants Taito, they're perfect for you to hone your skills. Sharpen your reflexes with Zaccaria's 'Aerobatics', 'Devil Riders Retro' or 'Winter Sports' before taking on Taito's 'Space Invaders', 'Arkanoid' and 'Bubble Bobble'. Click the Games List here to see all included games.

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Then connect the Legends Micro to the internet to access the full range of AtGames services. This includes a shop full of game packs and other downloadable content, plus the celebrated ArcadeNet game streaming service (subscription required). The Micro has 16GB of system storage for all your additional game packs. You can compete on global leaderboards and multiplayer contests with online party play, and access further downloadable content, game and system updates - and even build friends lists with other players.

Buttons on the Pinball Micro.

Play From Your PC or Stream With BYOG

Perhaps most excitingly, the Legends Micro is 'Bring Your Own Game' compatible. This means you can connect your external PC to the Legends Micro via USB and HDMI, and access the games in your PC's library! You can also stream any game content you could stream from your external device, via Steam or other gaming services. This essentially places almost all virtual pinball games ever made at your disposal, and allows you to use the Legends Micro as your controller and display for almost anything.

With various options available for adjusting the display - especially valuable when playing third-party games from the internet - you can configure the Legends Micro to look, and play, exactly as you'd like it to. It is just as connectible and configurable as any other device in the AtGames Legends family!.

The Atgames Pinball Micro.

15.6-inch 1080p 60fps Main Screen

The cabinet's hardware might be small, but it is fierce! The main playfield is a 15.6-inch LCD monitor running at 1080p HD/60fps, for ultra-smooth, crystal-clear game visuals. It's adjustable for image preferences, and can even display in different ways for certain times of day, to maximise clarity and reduce eye strain. In the backbox is a smaller 8-inch LCD monitor that recreates scoreboards, backbox art and more. Sound is taken care of with a powerful, adjustable stereo system.

For controlling the action, you have two pairs of side-mounted buttons - one pair for flippers, and one pair for nudge. With an accelerometer inside, you can also physically nudge the cabinet for extra realism. Haptic feedback transmits all those playfield impacts into your fingertips, and when combined with the special perspective-rendered playfields, complete with moving shadows and superfast light displays, you'll be so immersed in the game that you'll forget it's not a real pinball! The Legends Micro squeezes an entire 80s or 90s pinball arcade into an impossibly tiny tabletop package!

Key Features

  • Compact tabletop virtual pinball machine.
  • Internet-ready for access to all of AtGames' services & content.
  • 15.6-inch 1080p 60fps main playfield monitor.
  • 8-inch backglass screen monitor.
  • Includes 50 preloaded games - 42 from Zaccaria, 8 from Taito (open PDF Games List).
  • Connects to AtGames for new DLC, game pack shop, ArcadeNet & much more (subscriptions may be required).
  • Compete on online leaderboards, play multiplayer, build friends & community lists, access updates etc.
  • Connect to your external PC or device for unlimited BYOG game streaming.
  • Dynamic 60fps main display with 3D player perspective.
  • Two pairs of main controls - flippers & nudge.
  • Further controls including Rewind, Play, Home & Plunger.
  • Top-mounted D-pad for menu navigation.
  • Accelerometer allows realistic nudge control.
  • Haptic vibrating feedback.
  • Miniature cabinet with non-slip rubber feet.
  • Bright, exciting arcade graphics all round.
  • 2 USB inputs, 1 HDMI input, 1 Ethernet input (Wifi also available).
  • Protective metal corner caps & trim.
  • Some assembly needed.
  • Please check for firmware updates when you first switch on your new pinball.

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The assembly of the machine is straightforward and it offers a diverse selection of over 50 tables, with more available for download. Users enjoy the authenticity of the gameplay, spanning various eras, and commend the graphics and sound. Enthusiasts appreciate its adaptability with other platforms and the responsive customer service enhances the experience.
Easy Setup
Authentic Gameplay
High Quality
Variety of Tables
Good Service
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Product Reviews

Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: David Hadfield

Wednesday 15th May 2024

Absolutely fantastic virtual pinball machine for home use. Great size. The graphics are outstanding and the game play is very realistic. An additional bonus is that you can actually feel the ball, flippers and bumpers rumble when playing a table. Stereo sound is very good. It's wifi enabled for updates and if you create an account you can upload your score to a global leaderboard. Only one criticism is that you should be able to purchase and download more tables, but it's all in American dollars and not pounds. But not a big problem as I have enough with the 50 games built in.
Reply from Liberty Games:
Thanks for the review. Game packs are available in the UK for download and are priced in dollars - please do get in touch with our CS team if you need any help with this.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Colin Purkiss

Saturday 16th December 2023

The machine arrived well-packed and on time, unpacking and putting together was very easy. Setting up was easy following the instructions. There are plenty of tables to choose from, with over 50 tables included with the option to download or purchase more tables if you want.

All round, this is an excellent little table if you don't have room for the full-size version. It is great fun to play, you can try to beat your own high score each time or go online to beat global high scores from other players.

Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Mark Edwards

Sunday 5th November 2023

Purchased an electronic pinball machine at the Mancave Expo in Birmingham for my home bar and I love it! Friends and family love coming over to play.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Jacqueline Rodgers

Tuesday 17th October 2023

Once I actually got to play, I was really impressed with the game play. I started with a game from 2018 which was very slick and allowed me to play well. I then tried a game from the 70’s and I was very impressed with the authenticity. The gap between the flippers seemed bigger than for the 2018 game and brilliantly there was that ever so slight time lag between flipping and action just like the games I remember playing.

I had been concerned as to whether I would really like this but I really do and am really pleased with this purchase. I do have to say I did not find setting it up on the internet and getting a legend ID as easy as I would have liked. At 72 I have got used to intuitive instructions and I did not get that feel from the manual or the screen. The instruction go to settings needs to be preceded by an instruction that gives you a set of choices which includes settings so that you can choose it. I came across settings by accident!!!! Also there are instructions about unpacking the product which you find after you have unpacked. Please supply X-ray vision to enable this!

However, once I got to play, I was delighted with my purchase.

Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Justin Reynolds

Sunday 15th October 2023

Great machine, can even connect to PC and play FX3 & VPX, a little expensive but guess that's import tax & such. Not played too much tho as can't get my youngest off it
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: ANTHONY FOX

Wednesday 13th September 2023

An unbelievable machine. So much better than I expected. The quality is just amazing. If you like playing pinball you have to try this.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Anthony McMullen

Tuesday 29th August 2023

Great little product, I'm new to pinball but looks addictive 👍
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Anonymous

Friday 11th August 2023

Absolutely love this machine. Well worth the money. Very happy
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Martyn Horne

Thursday 3rd August 2023

Easy to set up, fantastic game
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Nick Powley

Tuesday 18th July 2023

I purchased an ATGames Mini Pinball on a Sunday and was playing it on Tuesday! (In fact they shipped a day earlier than I requested which caused a slight problem as there was no one home to accept the delivery!) However, the on line support (on a Sunday) was helpful and meant I ordered the machine there and then. I've owned 4 full sized pinball machines over the years including the Addams Family and Star Trek TNG. I was very pleasantly surprised how well the ATGames Micro performs. Very smooth graphics and nice sound and haptics. Already recommended to my brother so another order may well follow very soon. (Only slight negative is my two email enquiries to technical support have gone unanswered)!

Reply from Liberty Games:
We're sorry you haven't been able to contact AtGames support - I've asked our own Liberty Games support team to get in touch and see if we can help.
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Product Details
60 cm (23 58 inches)
31.4 cm (12 38 inches)
57.5 cm (22 58 inches)
11 kg (24 lbs)
Shipping Width
39 cm (15 38 inches)
Shipping Length
67 cm (26 38 inches)
Shipping Height
45 cm (17 1116 inches)
Key Information
12-month warranty

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