Sega Grid Deluxe Arcade Machine

The iconic arcade racing simulator with 55-inch LCD screen!

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  • The Deluxe version of Sega's classic arcade racing simulator.
  • Huge 55-inch high-res LCD screen.
  • Race 12 iconic supercars on nine legendary circuits.
  • Linkable cabinets for multiplayer - connect up to six!
  • Fully reconditioned by specialised Liberty Games technicians.

Product Description

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About This Product

Grid Deluxe is the special, large-screen version of Segas arcade driving simulator Grid. It differs from Grid with the addition of a huge 55-inch high-resolution LCD monitor screen, dwarfing the 32-inch and 42-inch screens fitted to its predecessors.

Originally released as a console game in 2008 by Codemasters, Grid was adapted for arcade use by Sega in 2010. It was an instant hit due to its fast, addictive gameplay, its range of exotic supercars and the exciting mixture of road and track race courses. The following year Sega Amusements announced a new Deluxe edition of Grid, featuring new, larger screens and a vastly improved display.

Game Modes And Features

Grid has three main game modes; Quick Race, designed to get you in the driving seat as quickly as possible. Theres Multiplayer, where you take on your friends in a hectic race in the cars of your choice. And finally theres Championship, where you compete in a series of races and must finish in the top three to progress. Win all your races to unlock a special secret track!

Jump into any one of 12 iconic supercars and race on nine accurately-modelled circuits including Donington Park and Spa. In your paddock youll find the Mercedes McLaren SLR, the Saleen S7 and Dodge Viper waiting for you. Each car has its own individual performance and feel try them all, and pick the one you like most.

  • Large 55-inch high-definition LCD monitor screen.
  • Linkable with up to six seats for intense multiplayer racing.
  • Race the Aston Martin DBR8, Bugatti Veyron, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Viper, Ford Mustang. Jaguar XKR, Koenigsegg CCGT, Mercedes McLaren SLR, McLaren F1, Pagani Zonda, Saleen S7 and Toyota Supra.
  • Take on legendary race tracks and road circuits: Detroit, Donington Park, Long Beach, Milan, Nurburgring, Okutama, San Francisco, Spa and Washington.
  • True damage modelling - watch your car become damaged by impacts.
  • Ergonomic steering wheels with Force Feedback effects.
  • 2.1 sound system with seat-mounted sub-woofers, used to simulate road surface undulations as well as audio effects.
  • Quick Race, Multiplayer or Championship game modes.
  • Selectable automatic or manual transmission.
  • Three views - bumper cam, driver's eye view and bird’s eye.
  • Race lengths of two, three or four laps.
  • Game difficulty settings – easy, medium or hard (tailor the the required lap completion time and skill of AI-driven cars).
  • Five languages – English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.
  • Speed readout in MPH or KMH.
  • Fully reconditioned by our specialised technicians.
  • 12-month warranty for home use, 6-month warranty for commercial use.

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Product Details
263 cm (103 916 inches)
134 cm (52 34 inches)
210 cm (82 1116 inches)
425 kg (937 lbs)
Key Information
Cabinet Type
Sit Down
Coin Operated
12-month warranty (6-month warranty for commercial use).

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