Barkade Multiplay Arcade Machine For Dogs

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  • Specifically designed for dogs.
  • Hours of fun for your best friend.
  • Drool-resistant surface coating.
  • Large, paw-friendly buttons.

Product Description

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The controls on the Barkade arcade machine for dogs

Dog-Friendly Controls

The Cosmic Mini Barkade brings the amusement arcade into your home – for your dog. Teach your canine friend to master the controls of the game.

The simple up/down/left/right joystick controls are intuitive and responsive, whilst the arcade-quality fire buttons are backlit and easy to paw.

The Barkade arcade machine for dogs in action

Special RY Colour Mode

The action is presented on a vertically-mounted 15-inch LCD screen, in vivid, crystal-clear RY colour mode (because your dog can only percieve red and yellow).

The sound is presented through a stereo speaker array at between 40-60,000hz, which includes one subwoofer*.

*Not a dog barking at a cheap baguette.

A pug playing the Barkade arcade machine for dogs
The illuminated marquee on the Barkade arcade machine

Lightweight & Portable

It’s lightweight too, so you can set it up anywhere in the house, or even in the garden with an extension cable.

The Barkade is perfect for playful, intelligent dogs with an eye for gaming.

A dog plays the Barkade arcade game for dogs

Fur & Drool-Resistant Surface

The cabinet is small and designed especially for paws of all shapes and sizes. It’s coated in a special fur-resistant treatment that keeps the machine looking great, no matter how much your friend moults on it.

Vulnerable joints have been sealed with a drool-resistant glue, which also keeps out earth and soil.

Chewing the joystick of the Barkade arcade machine for dogs

Key Features

  • Loads of doggy games pre-loaded, ready to play.
  • Contemporary tabletop arcade design.
  • 15-inch screen.
  • 12-month warranty for home users, 6-month warranty for commercial users.
  • Read through the full games list and find your childhood favourites.
  • Dual controls mounted side by side.
  • Arcade-standard joysticks & backlit fire buttons designed for dog paws.
  • Easy menu system.
  • Built-in sound system with volume control.

Optional Extras

Biscuit Dispenser

Reward your dog’s success by installing this dispenser that releases a biscuit with every new high score.

The Paws Button on the Barkade arcade game for dogs

Paws Button

The Paws Button is a large, circular pad. Your dog can learn to switch the machine on and off whenever it likes, just by pawing, treading on, or yachting over this button, so it can entertain itself if home alone.

Gamer's Guff Atomiser

The Barkcade often has a mildly flatulent effect on dogs, as they relax and are absorbed by the game. This atomiser neutralises bad odours, so game time remains a pleasant experience for everyone in the room.

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