Mewsmnts Rcade Multiplay Arcade Machine For Cats

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  • Multiplay arcade machine for cats.
  • Packed with fun games for your cat.
  • Special pawgonomic controls.
  • Tough, scratch-resistant cabinet.

Product Description

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The Musemnts Rcade arcade machine for cats

Sensitive Controls

Now your cat can sharpen its reflexes without destroying the local bird population. Commercial arcade-standard controls are responsive to precise inputs from paws of any size.

Sensitive fire buttons give your cat total control over its game. No other home arcade system is built especially for cats.

There are great video games for cats on the Mewsmnt Rcade

Great Cat Games

The Mewsmnts Rcade is loaded with games designed to stimulate and excite cats. Try the whisker-twitchingly good strategy epic Command & Catnip, or the classic blast-em-up Gears Of Purr.

But for those long nights in front of the screen, the favourite is the iconic Super Miaow Bros.

Three cats playing the Mewsmnts Rcade cats arcade machine
The controls fitted to the Mewsmnts Rcade cats arcade game

Quality Hardware

The full-colour LCD screen presents vivid colours and fast, natural movements, designed specifically to attract the attention of your cat. A built-in stereo system ‘throws’ the sound around the room, giving cats a real three-dimensional experience, and possibly slight nausea.

With its bright livery, protective aluminium edging and tough wooden cabinet, this really is the cream of home gaming systems for cats.

The 1p and 2p buttons on the Mewsmnt Rcade cats arcade machine

Sociable & Fun

Add a second cat using the 2p button for turn-based 2p games. Let them battle it out over the juiciest mice or the fastest birds, and reward the winner with a biscuit made of ground-up fish.

Research shows that cats who game together tend to be better friends, so if you sense a bit of tension at home, just plug in the Mewsmnts Rcade and let them sort it out between themselves.

Key Features

  • Designed by cat psychiatrists.
  • Special paw-friendly controls.
  • Full of great cat games.
  • Sturdy wooden cabinet & bright graphics.
  • 15-inch LCD screen & stereo sound.
  • For one or two players.

Optional Upgrades

The Virtual Realiteh VR system for cats

Poo Treh

Connect this litter tray to the Mewsmnts Rcade, and your cat doesn’t have to stop for a toilet break. Inspired by a similar device used by professional human gamers. Easy to clean and empty. Available with extra-strong litter for scary zombie games.

Kittenz Gamez Pack

An upgrade pack including lots of games designed for younger kittens. Whilst being fun and exciting to play, they also teach strong moral values that will help your kittens to grow into responsible, thoughtful adults. Among the issues addressed are bullying, begging, and peeing behind the curtains.

Virtual Realiteh

This adjustable VR headset delivers realistic visuals and sound for cats of any size. Special filaments stimulate the whiskers, taking your cat into an immersive virtual world where anything is possible. Except that.

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