Galaga Assault Arcade Machine

The original arcade legend Galaga, revamped for 2016 by Namco Bandai.

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  • Faithful modern remake of arcade classic Galaga.
  • Novelty redemption system - trade your tickets for ships.
  • LED-lit cabinet with spectacular alien graphics.
  • Features Amusement Mode and QR compatibility.
  • Fully reconditioned & warrantied.

Product Description

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Iconic Shooter, Modern Gameplay.

Galaga Assault is the modern remake of the iconic 1981 arcade shooter Galaga, which was the sequel to Galaxian and was a huge global hit for Bandai Namco. The remake features beautifully-rendered modern graphics, explosions, sound effects and power-ups. It also has two game modes; Redemption, a high-speed shoot-em-up with ticket rewards for the most kills, and Amusement, which is a more in-depth, progressive mode for serious gamers.

One thing that hasn’t changed much is Galaga’s highly addictive gameplay. Your mission is to destroy a fleet of attacking alien ships, which will advance on you at high speed firing projectiles, suicide ships and more. Nimbly dodge the aliens and fire back to blow them to smithereens. In Redemption mode, neutralise 100 ships to be transported into the Mothership Round, and then defeat the Mothership to win the game and collect your points.

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Familiar Controls

Galaga Assault uses a points-to-ticket redemption system, and allows players to spend tickets on more ships (which translates as extra lives). The game is displayed on a 42-inch 1080 HD LCD monitor in a brightly-decorated cabinet, illuminated by a rotating full-colour LED and T-molded light display, and your ship is controlled by a single joystick and a fire button. The cabinet also features QR code compatibility for high score tracking.

Arcade gamers still talk about the original 35 years later. With heritage like that, Galaga Assault is a must-have for any amusement arcade.

Key Features

  • Modern remake of the 1981 classic.
  • Fully reconditioned by Liberty Games technicians.
  • Single-player game with joystick and fire button controls.
  • 42-inch 1080 HD monitor.
  • Attention-grabbing LED and T-molded lighting display.
  • Novelty redemption mode and Amusement modes.
  • 12-month home warranty and 6-month commercial warranty.
  • Free delivery.
Full One Year Warranty on Arcade Machines

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Product Details
108.6 cm (42 34 inches)
84.5 cm (33 14 inches)
276 cm (108 1116 inches)
Key Information
Cabinet Type
Coin Operated
12-month home warranty, 6-month commercial warranty.

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