Whack'Em Funky Gators Novelty Redemption Machine

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  • Video version of the classic whack-em game.
  • Whack the gators as fast as you can!
  • Five large 'whack' control buttons & video interface.
  • New special features including extra-wide gators.
  • Ticket redemption.

Product Description

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About This Product

Whack'Em Funky Gators is a fast, furious ticket redemption machine by the arcade masters at Bandai Namco. Your mission is to whack the Gators as they pop out of their holes - but watch out for the extra-large Gators, sometimes two or three times as wide as a normal Gator! You'll need to hit two or three buttons at once to defeat these monsters, but you'll be rewarded with extra points. And there's a special bonus Gator too - whack it to get an additional ticket bonus.

This is a fresh, digital take on a very old and successful concept, with plenty of new features to attract the crowds. There are five large, coloured 'Whack' buttons to test your reflexes, and the bright graphics and fun soundtrack will make this a popular draw for families and players of all ages.

  • Ticket redemption machine.
  • Modern videogame take on a classic concept.
  • Whack the Gators as they pop out of their holes.
  • Build points and bonuses, and collect prize tickets.
  • Special extra-wide and bonus Gators for big points.
  • Free delivery.

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Product Details
70 cm (27 916 inches)
107 cm (42 18 inches)
204 cm (80 516 inches)
103 kg (227 lbs)
Shipping Width
117 cm (46 116 inches)
Shipping Length
82 cm (32 516 inches)
Shipping Height
178 cm (70 116 inches)
Shipping Weight
162 kg (357 lbs)
Key Information
Novelty Redemption
2 Plus
Cabinet Type
Coin Operated
12-month manufacturer's warranty

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