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Namco Pac-Man Battle Royale

Refurbished Pac Man Themed Arcade Machine

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  • Combining a shared, upward-facing screen & a compelling mixture of nostalgia
  • Available in a brand new cabinet

Product Description

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Product AboutAbout This Product

Manufacturer: Namco

Year of Release: 2011

About the Game:

Battle Royale features a 3-player mode, with the Pac-Man character available in three different colours!

The game can be set to either three or five rounds where players must eat the other Pac-Men on the board to advance - when an opponent grabs a power pellet, all the other Pac-Men remaining in the round slow down giving the powered-up players the edge.

Combining a shared, upward-facing screen, a compelling mixture of nostalgia, playful rivalry and recognisable mechanics makes Pac-Man Battle Royale a very social experience.


  • Surrounded by four joysticks, Pac- Man's maze will becomes a playground for several Pac-players
  • Once a player has gobbled up a pellet the Pac-Man character grows to an enormous size!

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  • Liberty Games recommends keeping arcade equipment at room temperature for maximum performance
  • Originally released by Namco in 2011



Part of our range of Bandai Namco Arcade Machines

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Product Details
143 cm (56 516 inches)
89 cm (35 116 inches)
229 cm (90 316 inches)
Key Information
2 Plus
Cabinet Type
Coin Operated
12 Month Manufacturer Parts Replacement Warranty

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